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Re: Thing Behind Lyras · on 6/30/2009 4:00:05 PM 1977
I won't further confirm or deny any guesses ([the thing behind Lyras is] meant to be a mystery), but I will point out one thing.

There is an arbitrary number of extraplanar... things out there. Do not assume that Maelshyve and Chezarek's demon and the Hunger and so on are all connected just because they all happen to exist. Though they might be connected for other reasons.

Ultimately, we're never going to flat out tell you who the Hunger is. Its identity exists largely to provide internal consistency for how we portray it, and to provide an enduring mystery surrounding what is going on. No harm done if you figure it out (or create a compelling narrative that's wrong), but don't except any confirmation anytime in the future.


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