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Re: The Prime Year · on 09/03/2011 11:43 PM CDT 1148
[1) Can you name at least one Prime Year for us? "The Gorbesh Calendar" book talks about prime and death years being important, yet we don't know when any of them are! I've tried looking through the timeline for wars starting 35 years apart, but couldn't find any reasonable pattern.]

1) Nope! If I had to take a guess 1384 BL would be a Prime Year, which makes 1350 sorta make sense as a Death Year, but that's noncanonical, and the next several cycles have nothing notable on the timeline if you pick those dates.

[2) Whose planet is Ileirek (Dawgolesh)? All the other planets listed I can link to gods via "Religion in Gorbesh Society" -- but I can't find a mention of Ileirek anywhere.]

2) I noticed the same lapse, since it's kinda a big one, and was surprised that no one else seemed to have noticed it before. I've roughed out some lore to explain it, but nothing that's quite ready for sharing, and a RetCon Bat might be involved. While the theory that Alauven represents Xin'Alaudas is plausible, I am troubled by the fact that it says "the five outer planets represent the goddesses", and then clearly goes on to lump seven planets under that header including, presumably, Xin'Alaudas's -- and I can't imagine the Kaldar picturing him as a goddesses. There is also the fact that the same book states that the calendar far predates Xin'Alaudas. Due to this fact I'm forced to conclude that Alauven isn't Xin'Alaudas's planet, or there's some blatant contradictions going on in the lore.


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