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Re: The Great and Lesser Fists Erupt! · on 10/25/2013 11:12 AM CDT 1937
Yep, until this particular incident, the Lesser Fist of Heaven was indeed considered dormant for a very long time. The Greater Fist of Heaven (the one closer to Dirge) has been the one with occasional activity, though still nothing quite like this! I guess The Monks thought if anyone would see it coming, it would be them! ;)

Interestingly enough, Dirge's current Mayor, Hunlynd Turmar, has at least once in the recent past denied any and all activity from the Greater Fist, even going so far as to try to say that it was the Lesser that 'everyone knows' is more active. Huh. I wonder what the Mayor of Dirge would have to gain by trying to confuse people and make them think everything was completely safe near his town? Certainly he would know these things...


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