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Summit in Ain Ghazal · on 3/27/2009 8:21:12 AM 7315
Oryise says, "Greetings to our esteemed guests and their escorts from their respective provinces. It is quite telling indeed to see so many in support of their leaders."

Oryise says, "My name is Oryise. I am a member of the Sisterhood of the Rose." Oryise says, "Tonight, we have gathered the representative leaders from Ilithi and Therengia." Oryise says, "May I present to you the Ferdahl Aemmin and her Handmaiden, Amaldriel."

With a graceful flutter of her hands, Amaldriel sinks down in a formal curtsy. Aemmin folds her hands into the sleeves of her robe and bows slightly, her face a mask of calm.

Oryise says, "From Therengia, Baron Gyfford and his bride-to-be, Princess Macja."

Gyfford nods. Macja gives a gracious nod.

Oryise says, "On behalf of the Lyba Khalo, the Guest Dellat Iko, and the rest of the Sisters, I welcome everyone to the Chateau and this pivitol event in the histories of both provinces." Oryise says, "Both parties have graciously and modestly accepted invitations to attend a synod here on the island of Ain Ghazal in order to discuss the ongoing tensions between their two territories." Oryise says, "We as Sisters will mediate a thoughtful, professional, and civil discussion between both parties in hopes of having a fruitful discussion." Oryise says, "The goal of said discussion will hopefully be to resolve any conflicts or tensions present and draft a resolution to which both parties are amenable." Oryise says, "Without further delay, I will submit to the command of Sister Satarra." Oryise nods graciously at Satarra, giving her a polite smile.

Satarra says, "Now, unlike most of our guests here in the Synod, this is your first time here in the Chamber. I am simply here to assist and mediate when necessary, but stay out of the way of your discussions when not." Aemmin nods to Satarra. Gyfford nods. Satarra says, "You are the rulers, I am merely an assistant that you have requested assist in the process. Please begin your discussion as you feel fit."

Gyfford says, "I will begin by presenting you with a fact instead of a rumor." Aemmin says something in Gerenshuge. (Angel says, "She said "You may continue"") Gyfford says, "Until recently it was mere rumor that Raenilar had agreed to anything regarding Shard." Gyfford says, "I now present you with fact." Gyfford gets a parchment scroll sealed with the symbol of a flame wreathed lion from inside his hip pouch. Gyfford says, "This is his written and sealed promised to never return with his solem word given to me his brother in law." Aemmin raises an eyebrow. Aemmin accepts Gyfford's crisp scroll. Aemmin unrolls the scroll and begins to read carefully. Gyfford says, "He only withholds that promise regarding his right and left hands in matters of honor." Gyfford says, "Such matters as attacks on his family..." Aemmin says, "I see. Let us begin this discussion again, then." Macja raises an eyebrow. Gyfford bows to Aemmin. Aemmin says something in Gerenshuge. Aemmin says, "In the language of the tongue of all, I greet you." Aemmin clasps her hands together lightly and bows her head, just slightly, her eyes remaining on Macja and Gyfford. Aemmin smiles. Gyfford says, "And it makes me happy to see you once again." Aemmin says, "We are gathered here today to resolve our differences." Macja smiles at Aemmin. Aemmin says to Macja, "Princess Macja, I have not met you before now. Greetings to you." Gyfford says, "Ahh forgive my lapse but yes this is my betrothed." Aemmin asks, "I understand that you are both marrying for love. Is this correct?" Gyfford smiles at Macja. Gyfford says, "The best reason, yes." Macja says, "Greetings, Ferdahl and thank you. Yes." Macja smiles. Aemmin asks, "Do you value this love above all else?" Macja says, "That is an interesting question." Gyfford says, "I place the proper value on it in relation to my position with my people." Macja nods to Gyfford. Gyfford says, "The princess knows this and understands it." Macja says, "As it should be." Macja says, "I would not love him were he anything less than honest with his position and who he is." Aemmin says, "I wish you both to be aware that I will not ally with Outcasts. It is very simply out of the question, and as such your impending marriage puts me and my people in a very difficult position." Gyfford says, "I will not prevaricate and say there are not other reasons for us to be joined but love is foremost." Gyfford says, "Once she is my baroness she will be Theren." Gyfford says, "And we are perhaps done with questions of love as that is private between her and I." Aemmin asks, "Does this mean that she shall forsake both the name and title of her people, and shall no longer be Outcast?" Aemmin raises one eyebrow, just slightly. Gyfford says, "I shall let her answer." Macja narrows her eyes almost imperceptibly, trying to hide her annoyance. Macja says, "I am what I am. That is not somethign I can change." Gyfford says, "Nor is it a fair question to ask." Macja asks, "Would you say that because you are a leader of your province, you are no longer Elothean?" Macja says, "I am proud to be Outcast. But I am embracing the traditions and customs of Therengia." Macja says, "Perhaps I am not understanding your question." Macja smiles blandly. Aemmin says, "You are what you are, yes. However... According to Outcast tradition, you will become a part of their family as well, Gyfford. The fact remains, Shard shall not be ally with the Outcasts." Gyfford says, "There you are mistaken." Macja says, "You assume much, my lady." Aemmin glances down at the scroll in her hands, briefly skimming it again. Aemmin says, "As do you." Gyfford says, "I have carefuly written the treaty and agreement and king Raenilar argees I remain not part of his family except as brother in law in name." Aemmin smiles slightly, but the expression doesn't reach her eyes. Satarra whispers something to Macja. Gyfford says, "This agreement keeps him in check as it pertains to your province it says nothing of me suddenly becoming outcast." Macja whispers something to Satarra. Vethine pats her hair, making sure it's arranged to her liking. Satarra whispers something to Macja. Aemmin raises an eyebrow. Gyfford says, "My word was good enough when I bled here." Satarra smiles at Macja. Aemmin says, "You are marrying, Gyfford. There are many unspoken contracts that come with marriage, as I am sure you realize." Gyfford says, "Not when one is a ruler and you know that." Aemmin says, "It is all the more so with us." Macja whispers something to Satarra. Gyfford says, "Every detail down to who will sit on my throne of my yet as unborn heirs has been hashed over." Aemmin closes her eyes for a brief moment, taking on an image of serene calm. Gyfford says, "If I say it will be so then it is so." Aemmin quietly asks, "And when you are gone?" Macja takes a deep breath. Gyfford says, "Then my human heir who will have been raised to understand what is at stake will carry on." Aemmin glances at Macja. Gyfford says, "And this lady who's honor should not be questioned has sworn to uphold that." Macja whispers something to Gyfford. Gyfford says, "As have the Morzindaen." Aemmin says, "I do not wish for this to come across the wrong way, but it is her heritage that makes me question. I do not know her, but I know all too well the actions of her people." Gyfford says, "And you will judge her based on that? I know you better than that."

Satarra says, "Your Grace, Ferdahl. You have both come here in good faith to discuss peacefully, let us all continue to hold to that spirit through the session. Though the past is important, I believe it is important that we are here instead to work towards the future."

Gyfford nods to Satarra. Aemmin gives a slight nod. Gyfford says, "Yes and the future must be one of peace and moving on." Gyfford asks, "Do we not have a more pressing enemy?" Aemmin says, "I look to the future, which is why I stand here now." Gyfford says, "And a future blighted by dischord between us makes us weak." Gyfford says, "I work for my peoples future by securing alliances and making treaties and yes marrying." Aemmin says, "I see a future where Raenilar takes the throne of Theren, and this fills my heart with dread. All I have now is assurances, words, that it shall not be so." Gyfford says, "If you can not take my assurances I have done all I can to guard against it..." Gyfford says, "And I know what this statement will cause...but he has given his word." Aemmin says, "I have his word that he will invade Shard with his lieutenants if he feels his honor has been slighted." Aemmin glances at a parchment scroll sealed with the symbol of a flame wreathed lion. Gyfford asks, "He learned also did he not?" Macja says, "It is not easy to stand here quietly while you make bold assumptions upon my honor as well as that of my tribe." Macja says, "We have come in a time of peace and have given our word of honor to you as well as to Therengia. If you can not see past your own spite to allow that the Baron, who has fought for you, bled for you in times of need, is capable of deciding what will and will not be good for his lands, honor and people -- then I beseech you to take a deeper look." Gyfford says, "He learned that wanting revenge and getting it are not the path he thought it would be." Gyfford says, "We all learn and move on." Macja says, "You do not have to like it, but it is for the good of all that you open your mind a bit and see the good the Baron is trying to accomplish. This is a matter of love but he is not an ignorant man, and I take offense that you are implying that he would allow himself to be blinded. There is much to be gained with this alliance, if you will but open your mind to it." Gyfford rests his hand on Macja's arm with a soft smile. Gyfford says, "She is ardent and she is honorable and she should not be judged by the past." Aemmin says to Macja, "This is not a matter of spite, nor is it one of merely looking at the surface. As a ruler, I must do what is best for my people." Gyfford says, "We all mourn the losses of the past but we must look to the future." Gyfford says, "Therengia is powerful and we stand as always ready to help you in time of need nothing can change that." Aemmin says to Gyfford, "I would also advise you against staking too much upon love alone. I have seen it turn to hatred far too quickly." Aemmin says, "Now." Aemmin says, "As you are aware, we face a larger threat." Macja says, "I understand and respect that. I merely beseech you try and see past the surface hatred and allow that there may be good in such an alliance." Aemmin says, "The necromancer Lyras has broken from her prison, as I am sure you are aware." Gyfford nods. Aemmin says, "We are taking measures against this threat. I do advise you to do the same." Gyfford says, "We are making ready." Gyfford says, "And I will call on every resource to protect what is mine." Macja whispers something to Gyfford. Aemmin says, "As shall we." Gyfford shakes his head at Macja. Gyfford says, "And I will come if you call as always." Aemmin glances back down at the scroll in her hand. Gyfford says, "That is my sacred duty." Aemmin says, "Do this for me, then, please. This scroll is a start. But that is all it is." Gyfford narrows his eyes. Aemmin says, "If Theren wishes to retain alliance with Shard, we need assurance that there will be no attacks upon Ilithi, not simply Shard." Macja asks, "What of your people?" Macja says, "One of your own attacked me." Gyfford asks, "You wish me to go to Raenilar and ask him to leave the Queen alone?" Gyfford says, "I am more than certain she can look to herself." Aemmin says to Macja, "That one is not mine." Gyfford says, "You ask the impossible perhaps." Aemmin offers Gyfford a parchment scroll sealed with the symbol of a flame wreathed lion. Aemmin says, "Perhaps. But that is my answer." Gyfford shakes his head.

Satarra asks, "Baron, would you not be displeased if another agency crossed into your borders to go after the Outcasts?" Gyfford says, "That would depend on the provocation." Gyfford smiles. Satarra asks, "You would allow a foreign army upon your soil with no mention to yourself?" Gyfford says, "I would not be caught so unaware." Aemmin raises an eyebrow. Satarra says, "I speak not of lack of awareness, Your Grace." Gyfford says, "My borders are watched by the best I have." Satarra says, "The Ferdahl appears to be concerned about the possibility that the Outcasts will force their way into her lands even past her people." Gyfford says, "She seems to think I can force Raenilar to forgo his vendetta and failing that she uses it as an excuse to ignore my veritble pleas for good will." Aemmin raises an eyebrow. Gyfford says, "That is not what I call a good faith meeting." Aemmin says, "You assume much, Gyfford Theren." Gyfford says, "To give an impossible task." Satarra says, "With respect, your Grace, you are saying that you value the alliance with the Outcasts over that of Ilithi and do not wish to attempt to assauge their concerns." Gyfford says, "I am saying knowing what I know about Raenilar it is a task that would be like shoveling sand with a fork." Aemmin says, "Aye. I will not stand for a treaty that specifcially allows for continued attacks upon Queen Morganae." Macja raises an eyebrow. Satarra says, "Whether this request is out of line or not is something I cannot claim to understand, however.. if the alliance is important to both of you, as you say." Satarra says, "Then even perhaps a gesture that may be futile should be attempted."

Gyfford asks, "And when I ask and he refuses?" Aemmin says, "Perhaps he shall surprise you. You are to be his brother-in-law, after all." Macja whispers something to Gyfford. Gyfford says, "But I am not the keeper of his honor." Gyfford nods to Macja. Macja says, "A little flexibility in a situation can go a long ways, but compromise is not one sides, with all due respect." Gyfford says, "I will do this." Aemmin says, "I am compromising much by considering an alliance regardless of this marriage, Macja." Aemmin smiles at Macja. Aemmin gives Gyfford a slight nod. Aemmin offers Gyfford a parchment scroll sealed with the symbol of a flame wreathed lion. Gyfford says, "I will negotiate for a treaty of hundred one hundred fifty years, nothing to him and her." Gyfford says, "They can then commence to killing each other then if they still have the will." Aemmin says, "We shall see, it seems."

Satarra says, "Ferdahl, affairs like this are not always resolved in one meeting." Aemmin says to Satarra, "Aye, I am aware."

Gyfford says, "And my betrothed is correct I have flexed all I can for one day." Gyfford frowns. Aemmin says, "As have I." Gyfford says, "But.." Aemmin glances at a parchment scroll sealed with the symbol of a flame wreathed lion. Gyfford says, "I will go on record here saying it was not I who snuffed out the option of a peaceful future between us." Macja whispers something to Gyfford. Gyfford says, "Come my love." Aemmin raises an eyebrow. Macja nods to Gyfford. Aemmin says, "It seems that we are no closer to a resolution, then." Oryise gazes at Satarra. Macja joins Gyfford's group. Gyfford says, "I tried." Gyfford bows to Aemmin. Aemmin says, "As have I." Macja nods politely to Aemmin. Gyfford asks, "Have you?" Aemmin says, "Indeed." Gyfford says, "In spite of all my duty remains, I will do all I can to protect in time of mutual need." Gyfford says, "Be well." Aemmin quietly says, "You are marrying the sister of Shard's enemy. I cannot condone it."

Gyfford says, "Sisters I thank you." Oryise nods to Gyfford.

Gyfford says, "You can not , you will not." Vethine nods to Gyfford.

Oryise says, "I am sorry that this meeting seems to be dissolving before our eyes."

Macja says, "My brother has agreed to not harm your city." Gyfford says, "Sister I would it did not." Gyfford says, "I have given my word as a Theren." Aemmin folds her hands carefully into the sleeves of her robe, her face taking on an expression of calm. Gyfford says, "I have offered a treaty that did not exsist."

Satarra says, "Your Grace, Ferdahl. I might suggest that as we take our leave, we each take the time to reflect not upon our own feelings, our own countries, but spend a long time reflecting as though you led the opposite nation. If both of you truly wish this alliance to continue, as you say, perhaps in calm meditation you shall be blessed with further insight."

Macja asks, "Perhaps you have a more feasible alternative to suggest?" Aemmin calmly says, "Very well. We shall take our leave now." Aemmin says, "As it seems that we are at an impasse." Aemmin gives a slight nod.

Satarra says to Macja, "The Sisterhood would be happy to offer advice to either party, but when it comes down to it, it is His Grace and the Ferdahl who rule, and it would be inappropriate to speak publicly of Ain Ghazal's solution at this accord." Satarra says, "We are simply here to facilitate your own discussion."

Gyfford says, "Therengia has been occupied we have suffered in our past I do understand." Macja says, "I think that a non biased suggestion would be beneficial for all, but I am neither ruler so it is not my opinion that matters." Gyfford says, "But I firmly beleive we must move on and leave Raenilar and the Queen to deal with thier own vendetta." Aemmin says, "If Raenilar has changed as you say, then perhaps he will agree to what I have asked." Gyfford asks, "Drop his vendetta?" Aemmin says, "To keep himself and his hands away from the land of Ilithi and its people." Satarra glances at Vethine. Macja says, "With all due respect, there have been recent threats upon the Outcasts, specifically myself, from the Queen. Raenilar would not be likely to agree to such, but it seems that a suitable and feasible alternative could be reached." Satarra whispers something to Vethine. Gyfford asks, "And yes what of that?" Aemmin fixes her gaze upon Macja, her stare even. Rose Sister Vethine climbed down a wide marble stairway. Gyfford asks, "Threats to my betrothed?" Aemmin asks, "Do you truly believe that these threats were actually sent by the Queen?" Macja whispers something to Gyfford. Gyfford says, "Well it has been mentioned she was ultimately behind a certain object that affected me badly." Aemmin says, "In any case, there have been more than enough threats from Raenilar as well." Gyfford asks, "And these threats came from her son so they may as well have been from her yes?" Gyfford says, "Raenilar threatens yet stays in the desert." Macja whispers something to Gyfford. Gyfford shakes his head at Macja. Aemmin takes an expression of serenity, closing her eyes for just a moment before opening them again.

Satarra says, "Perhaps this leads to an opportunity.. Ferdahl, Your Grace."

Macja says, "Raenilar has not made threats for some time, while the Prince has threatened me recently." Macja says, "Unless I am mistaken."

Satarra asks, "As the Baron has agreed to speak to Raenilar, perhaps you could ascertain the Queen's receptiveness as well?"

Macja says, "This does not count the revenge upon my assassin of couser, but you stated he is not one of your own."

Aemmin says to Satarra, "I can do this." Satarra says, "This way both sides can come forth from this summit with a plan to do something concrete dealing with the concerns you each have."

Aemmin says to Macja, "The one you speak of has personally assaulted me in the past as well, so do not stake too much on it." Gyfford asks, "Why do you tolerate him?" Aemmin says, "Shard does not work in the same manner that Theren does." Aemmin smiles at Gyfford. Aemmin says, "Now... I can speak to the Queen regarding Raenilar, yes." Aemmin says, "As you are speaking with Raenilar." Gyfford says, "I will speak to Raenilar but I have a feeling we will both be speaking to the wind." Gyfford says, "At least on this matter."

Satarra says, "Perhaps, but it shows a continuation of the good faith that brought you both here today."

Macja whispers something to Gyfford. Gyfford says, "I will be meeting with Raenilar soon." Gyfford says, "A matter of a ceremonial duel, a Therengian tradition." Aemmin gives a slight nod. Aemmin says, "I have heard." Gyfford says, "I am not certain that will be the best time to speak of this but I will see." Aemmin says, "I shall meet with Queen Morganae."

Satarra says, "Your Grace, Ferdahl.. it is up to you both whether you would like to continue your discussions for however long you like or take time now to reflect and act on what has been said today." Rose Sister Vethine just arrived. Vethine joins Oryise's group. Satarra says, "We are happy to support you, or any leaders, by providing a safe neutral environment at any time." Aemmin gives Satarra a slight nod. Aemmin says, "I thank you and yours for this, Sister." Aemmin gives Vethine a slight nod. Vethine gives a slight nod. Gyfford says, "Thank you again sisters." Satarra smiles. Macja says, "Thank you." Aemmin smiles.

Gyfford says, "I am only sorry my word is not enough with my long time ally." Gyfford says, "Princess." Aemmin says, "It is not your word that is in question, Gyfford." Aemmin smiles. Aemmin glances at a parchment scroll sealed with the symbol of a flame wreathed lion. Macja nods to Gyfford. Gyfford says, "Even Raenilar is capable of keeping his word as he has to me." Aemmin says, "We shall see." Macja says, "Honor is very important to my people."

Satarra says, "Your Grace, Ferdahl, let us end instead on a pleasant note." Satarra smiles. Gyfford says, "Walk in Chadatru's light." Aemmin says, "Have a save journey home." Aemmin nods to Gyfford. Macja says, "Shade and water to you all." Satarra says, "Be well, everyone. Safe travels to you all." Baron Gyfford's group climbed down a wide marble stairway.

~Court Advisor Wyndz~

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