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>stop tease bard guild (releases!) · on 6/6/2008 8:13:25 PM 246
Earlier than anticipated, too! How spiffy is that?

(1) Phoenix's Pyre now has a TM component. When played loudly, it potentially affects everything outside the bard's group, when played quietly it only affects things engaged with the bard or his group. It is not a high damage spell, and is more effective the closer the targets are to the bard himself. IMPORTANT NOTE: Playing the Pyre loudly in town may be frowned upon by The Man.

(2) It is now possible to play instruments while wearing armor, but there is a skill penalty involved. This applies to both normal playing and enchantes.

(3) Bards now have a chance to maintain an enchante while stunned, based on a contest between stun duration and music theory skill. There is always a chance to continue and always a chance to fail, regardless of duration or skill.

(4) Music theory now has a slightly increased impact on enchante effectiveness.

(5) Experience for magic and music skills has been adjusted. Previously there was a no-exp timer when an enchante ended, which is why some people were noticing they couldn't learn from certain enchantes after logging back in with the new xp drain. They were on the no-exp timer. The timer has been removed. To compensate, magic and vocal xp per pulse is slightly lower. To make instrumental enchantes more viable and to account for the new roles of Theory, xp for those skills has been slightly increased.

(6) A newbie fudge has been added to PLAY to make it possible to learn from ANY instrument when playing offkey scales. You'll sound bad, but at least you'll learn.

(7) Due to constant abuse, avoiding the high start-up cost of enchantes by starting at min prep and then raising the power via MANA SONG will no longer be possible. Anytime MANA SONG is used to raise the power, the next song pulse will be treated as the first in terms of mana cost.

(8) Target acquisition logic has been enhanced. While not flawless, it will now be far less likely to check magic resistance and other conflicts on players/creatures that are not going to be affected by the enchante in the first place (e.g. if an enchante is only supposed to affect those OUTSIDE the bard's group, it will be far less likely to check against those IN the bard's group). While not a final solution, this should help to some degree with resistance and similar problems. Note that many enchantes will still need to be updated to support this feature, but at least we now have that option.


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