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Some ROAR changes · on 7/10/2009 8:32:06 PM 184
With the help of the outstanding GM Kodius, a changes to roars has been rolled in to Prime and Plat, with TF to follow when we know it won't explode.

When you succeed in the use any of the following roars, you will now actually see when the effects of your roar wear off. The roars that have this are:

Kuniyo's Spirit, Everild's Rage, Trothfang's Butchery, Tempestous Fury, Death's Embrace, Death's Lullaby, Magic's Bane, Mage's Lament, Screech of Madness, Slash the Shadows

Again, I want to thank Kodius for helping me get this out.

~GM Aurdun
Barbarians' Guild Advocate Gor'Tog Co-Champion
History Guru

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