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Solace · on 07/23/2020 05:46 3118
>>To my knowledge, there aren't any creatures that wield holy-based attacks. Assuming I'm correct, are there any plans to release such creatures or hunting areas?

There are some, mostly invasion creatures related to the dark gods. There wasn't much reason to flag a creature as holy before, so if you encounter such creatures, we can look into flagging them -- faenrae come to mind, for example. Keep in mind that Solace will also protect against, say, Malediction regardless of the caster. But yes, we certainly want to release more holy creatures.

>>Any possibility of additional benefit(s)?

Not at this time.

>>Solace triggers a Forbidden Practices charge. Is this is intentional?

Yes. As with any other true sorcery, Anabasis spells are meant to be frightening to townsfolk unless they're particularly subtle. In this case, it's recognized as a tainted PFE.

GM Grejuva

This message was originally posted in The Necromancers / Spells - Necromancers, by DR-GREJUVA on the forums.