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Re: Several quick questions. · on 12/30/2010 10:52:35 AM 9335
>>A Red Name (Armifer, I think) mentioned something along the lines of them all technically being in a "guild skillset", though they will be considered part of your primary skillset, yes.

Conceptually they are outside the skillset scheme. They are Primary because they are, by definition, a major focus of the guild, whether that is expressed as a specialization of their primary skillset (Rangers and Scouting), providing contrast to their primary skillset (Necromancers and Thanatology), or just bizarre and not comfortably definable in terms of skillset (Empaths and Empathy).

In some cases this runs against some previous design intentions (in particular, Moon Mages and Necromancers intentionally had a Secondary guild-only skill), but in the new scheme it's harder to justify outliers. Standardization is not always nerfs.

Technically they're a little weird too, but that's not really important on the player side of things.


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