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Re: Scroll/Sorcery Questions · on 05/05/2015 11:37 PM CDT 1391
>>Sorcerous casting isn't actually dangerous except to the caster themselves.

Hmmm. Mostly because I keep being told I can't make backlash AoE. Trust me, I've asked.

I wouldn't inherently read anything into the lore from that limitation.

>>2. The combination of two different types of mana simultaneously in order to create an effect that normal spells are unable to produce.

In many cases Sorcery isn't actually needed to achieve the desired results - contrary to what many sorcerers will claim. See Low Sorcery for example:

Low Sorcery refers to the bric-brac evil magic which most people think of when they use the word "sorcery." Low Sorcery is almost always usable by any magic user who can come across the spell pattern. There is no grand philosophy or refined argument for using Low Sorcery; it is the violent, unstable magic of people who want to shortcut through realm restrictions or, more commonly, who simply have an immature need to taste forbidden fruit. Low Sorcery is often lazy, attempting to do alone with sorcery what could be done with outside help or with an intentional mien of misanthropy.

>>This is world breaking

Not... really. The world breaking only really gets involved when demons and whatnot get involved. That's part of what makes Necromancers such dangerous monkeys.

>>inherently violent in some fashion.

This is true.

>>Casual observers can easily tell that the effect is sorcery, because it quite simply feels wrong.

While there are some clear visual indicators of sorcery, I wouldn't say it inherently feels wrong. Some of it does, but not all (Several flavors of Necromancy, Teleologic Sorcery for sure. It's less clear how blatantly unnatural Antinomic and Hylomorphic will appear - though they're equally unnatural).


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