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Salvur Visits Triage and Demonstrates Unity Link · on 09/29/2013 01:29 AM CDT 1078
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Below is a cleaned up log of Salvur's appearance at triage and his remarks on Unity Link and Hand of Hodierna.

Date: 17 Shorka 410 (September 29, 2013)

[Resurrection Creche, Triage Hall] This brightly-lit interior is devoid of decoration, the utilitarian design allowing healers to focus on evaluating the wounded. Patients are directed toward treatment according to severity and degree of life threat, and straw-filled pallets line the perimeter of the room for the most severe cases. The walls have been scrubbed clean, their faint citrus smell not quite masking the coppery scent of blood. Fresh rushes spread across the floor help to absorb the inevitable spills of bodily fluids. Also here: Zulo, the body of Doom's Whisper Spinjoltus who is lying down, Collain, Vice-Speaker Vansiil, Saragos, War Healer Dahaita, Court Advisor Valkri who is kneeling, Tower Guard Warbrolus, Gallant Tenike, Doctor Mieya, Godsworn Evro who is emanating a malevolent holy aura, Holy Fire Corpsel, Charmer Nimeesha, Jaalin, War Healer Aykasha, Hoodlum Aterri who is sitting, Physician Acynarian, Remedy Kaelie, Funeral Director Sarkranis and Antiquary Aislynn. Obvious paths: clockwise, widdershins.

[20:52] [ * lo rae Wen Salvur Siksa joins the adventure.]

[20:52] Aislynn quietly says, "What is."

[20:52] Aislynn quietly asks, "Salvur doing up?"

[20:52] Vansiil mutters something into the air about empaths.

[20:52] Kaelie asks, "Maybe coming to help with triage?"

[20:53] Aislynn quietly says, "We should be so lucky."

[20:54] Salvur says, "I've always thought this building is a bit ridiculous."

[20:54] Vansiil says, "Here is triage."

[20:54] Salvur says to Vansiil, "Thank you."

[20:54] Vansiil says, "Your valiant Empaths healing the masses."

[20:55] Salvur says, "Valiant? Harrumph. We'll see, I suppose."

[20:55] Sarkranis asks Salvur, "What brings you here?"

[20:55] Valkri says to Salvur, "The empaths here are doing a fantastic job."

[20:55] Salvur says, "Since you all refuse to use the guild for triage, I decided to join you elsewhere."

[20:55] Valkri says, "Join in and start healing."

[20:55] Salvur says, "I hope you won't feel the need to heal everyone out in the street now."

[20:55] Valif quietly says to Salvur, "Your guild is not safe."

[20:56] Vansiil says, "This place is a bit safer than the guild, unfortunately."

[20:56] Sarkranis says to Salvur, "We have found that this location is safer than the guild."

[20:57] Saragos says to Salvur, "These are your people, doing what nobody else can. Defending their city. Regardless of whatever else is going on in your guild, you should take heart in seeing this."

[20:58] Dahaita says to Salvur, "Thank you for coming."

You sense Salvur stretching his empathic sense along the link you share. The boundary between you begins to erode and you slowly realize that you can feel his body as if it were your own.

Your empathic senses stretch out, the link between you and Salvur so intense that your breathing slows almost to a stop. Abruptly, the boundary between you and Salvur dissolves completely and for a few dizzying moments you seem to occupy the same flesh. You can feel Salvur concentrating, drawing your shared pain and suffering toward SalvurIself, attempting to imbue you with some of his holistic well being.

The pain of your wounds abruptly abates, as if ripped forcibly from your body.

Salvur exhales slowly as corresponding wounds bloom on his flesh. They quickly fade in a coruscation of rutilant light.

You feel like now might be a good time to change the bandages on your right eye.

The feeling of unity with Salvur gradually ebbs away.

[21:00] Sarkranis says to Salvur, "That was amazing."

An almost visible connection between Salvur and Jaressa seems to thrum through the air.

All wounds and traces of battle abruptly vanish from Jaressa's body.

[21:01] Aislynn quietly asks Salvur, "Hmm. What are you doing, there?"

[21:01] Dahaita exclaims to Salvur, "You'll have to teach us that!"

[21:01] Saragos says, "I agree."

[21:01] Nimeesha says, "That...looked fancy."

[21:01] Sarkranis says to Salvur, "I'd like to learn how to do that."

[21:01] Salvur says, "Maybe I will. If you're all very, very nice to me."

[21:02] Salvur says, "Get no respect."

[21:02] Salvur says, "I cannot be bribed with brandy. Well, not just brandy."

[21:02] Salvur says, "But thank you all the same."

[21:02] Dahaita says, "I thought it would be a good start."

[21:02] Saragos says to Salvur, "Though I am not of your guild, seeing you here nets you my respect."

[21:03] Salvur says, "I was hustled off by some important-looking people."

[21:03] Salvur says, "The guild was swarming with those furry people whose name I can never recall."

[21:03] Kaelie asks Salvur, "Is out Guild going to be okay?"

[21:03] Sarkranis says, "They're not really people."

[21:04] Kaelie says, "Our even..."

[21:04] Salvur says, "Not that I can't take care of myself, but they were making such a bother of themselves."

An almost visible connection between Salvur and Aterri seems to thrum through the air.

All wounds and traces of battle abruptly vanish from Aterri's body.

[21:06] Salvur says, "I thought I heard something just then."

An almost visible connection between Salvur and Redeth seems to thrum through the air.

All wounds and traces of battle abruptly vanish from Redeth's body.

[21:08] Salvur asks, "Does anyone know what happened out there?"

[21:08] Kaelie says to Salvur, "I seems they are at the Keep."

[21:08] Spinjoltus says, "Zayerg was poking around the moon mage guild."

[21:09] Spinjoltus says, "I got ambushed there, Im not sure what else."

[21:09] Vecsnix says, "There were quite a few explosions there too."

[21:09] Nimeesha says, "How do you keep doing that."

[21:09] Salvur says to Vansiil, "You look much the worse for wear."

[21:09] Kaelie says, "The Keep must exploded."

[21:10] Kaelie says, "Just."

[21:10] Derwick says, "The keep is in ruins apparently."

[21:11] Salvur asks, "The Keep? Where the Princess and all those muckey mucks live?"

[21:11] Salvur says, "I hope they were not in residence."

[21:11] Mistanna says to Salvur, "Ehm. I meanth Sorrow's Keep."

[21:11] Nimeesha says, "Well, I hope she wasn't there at the moment..."

[21:11] Valif quietly says to Salvur, "Yessir."

[21:11] Salvur says, "That really is terrible."

[21:12] Sarkranis asks, "How did they do that?"

[21:12] Kaelie says to Sarkranis, "So much life just ended. Not sure how they did it."

[21:12] Sarkranis says, "I would think that they had top-notch security there."

[21:13] Nimeesha says, "I think most of them were killed."

[21:18] Dahaita asks Salvur, "Have you heard from Annael?"

[21:18] Salvur says, "Not in a while."

[21:18] Salvur says, "I imagine she's gallivanting around Aesry still."

[21:19] Salvur says, "It's awkward for her here with Eksharo still alive."

[21:19] Dahaita says, "I would imagine."

[21:19] Salvur says, "Once he finally gives up the ghost I imagine she'll be back around."

[21:19] Sarkranis asks, "How is Eksharo taking retirement?"

[21:19] Salvur says, "It does not seem to agree with him."

[21:20] Salvur says, "We're all just waiting for the old buzzard to kick the bucket. I think Mirinn believes it would be too much to put in a new Moda while he's barely clinging to life in that cottage of his."

[21:20] Sarkranis asks Salvur, "What happened to his health?"

[21:21] Sarkranis says to Salvur, "I knew he was without empathy but not that he was ill."

[21:21] Salvur says, "Well, I don't know if you've seen him lately."

[21:21] Salvur says, "He looked like death warmed over even while he was still able to talk and move around."

[21:21] Salvur says, "He used to be a pretty hefty guy, but ever since 'the incident' he's looked...bad."

[21:22] Salvur says, "After they kicked him out of his job, he just seemed to lose whatever it was that had kept him going so long."

[21:22] Salvur says, "Mirinn is caring for him personally, when she can get away from the hospital."

[21:23] Salvur says, "I haven't heard any explosions for a while."

[21:23] Sarkranis says, "He was not right anymore. I don't think the guild had a choice, but I am sorry that his sacrifice cost him so dearly."

[21:23] Salvur says, "I'm glad you at least acknowledge that he did great things. Most seem to have forgotten that if it weren't for him we probably wouldn't be sitting here having this chat."

[21:24] Dahaita says, "He did great things indeed."

[21:24] Dahaita asks, "Salvur, will you be heading over as well?"

[21:24] Kaelie asks Salvur, "Care to join for a town meeting?"

[21:24] Sarkranis says to Salvur, "He wasn't always this way. It was the 'incident' that changed him for the worse. I've seen its effects on Asrea too."

[21:25] Salvur says, "Hmmm."

[21:25] Salvur asks, "Will they have free food?"

[21:25] Dahaita says, "Likely."

[21:25] Salvur says, "Alright, I'm in."

[21:25] Kaelie says to Salvur, "If they do not I am sure we all have some to spare."

[Town Hall, Public Meeting Room] The largest room in the Town Hall, this is used for public meetings. Both official meetings and ones held at the behest of townsfolk will be had here. Sometimes visiting scholars will lecture for the edification of the populace as well. Dark oak panelled walls and polished floor are surprisingly clean and in good repair. Padded benches for the public's use are arrayed about a small stage and podium. You also see a shadowy mirror, a pulsating pale yellow sphere, a red-eyed albino panther that is sitting, a shadowy mirror, a fire cat that is sitting, a fire leopard that is sitting, a fire leopard that is sitting, a box of gifts bearing the crest of the Order of the White Rose, a cloth-covered buffet bearing the insignia of the White Rose with several things on it and some heavy double doors. Also here: Funeral Director Sarkranis, Physician Acynarian, Doctor Mieya, War Healer Dahaita, Ghost Arianah, Remedy Kaelie, Retired Commander Xixist, War Healer Aykasha, Fvfour who is surrounded by a shimmering shield, Fog Uritel who is shrouded by swirling grey fog, Collain, Nakali, Doctor Picaresque, Wildling Nimthiriel, Vice-Speaker Vansiil, Bluewither, Zeteivek, Ruea, Crystal Triage Soldier Mistanna, Godsworn Evro who is emanating a malevolent holy aura, Archwizard Venarstrualis who has a stony visage, Divine Knight Solvar who has a stony visage, Arcane Lady Missys, Articulate Aria Ariya, Dreadnaught Divy, Legendary Ranger Gybrush, Alxndr, War Healer Ascarlet, Mazrian who has a stony visage, Creditor Boof, Nethette, Tower Guard Warbrolus, Tinkerer Fillius, Fist Fighter Eteladric, Lost Artilius, Archon Isharon who is shining with a dark golden glow and Charmer Morlen. Obvious exits: none.

[21:26] Kaelie asks, "Where did Salvur go?"

[21:26] Dahaita says, "He said he would be back."

[21:27] Sarkranis says, "He said he'd be back."

[21:27] Mistanna says, "Salvur is still in Triage."

[21:35] Akudyn yells, "EVERYONE."

[21:35] Akudyn yells, "TAKE OFF YOUR DAMN TWINKLES."

[21:36] Ezly says, "Stop doing training things, shut up, and pay attention."

[21:36] Salvur says, "I think he means -- Empaths, please release your regenation patterns."

[a while later]

[21:53] Heartsfyre asks Salvur, "Would ya like an escort back to tha guild sir?"

[21:54] Salvur asks Heartsfyre, "Ah, are we all done here, then?"

[21:54] Heartsfyre says, "Yes sir."

[21:55] Salvur says, "I can find my own way there, I'm sure. But thank you for offering."

[21:55] Sarkranis says to Salvur, "Be careful. They have targeted the guild before."

[21:57] Kenamer says, "Anyone who wishes to return to Theren please join me."

[21:58] Salvur says to Kenamer, "I don't suppose you could take me, too? Harrumph."

[21:58] Salvur says, "I'll be outside the guild for a bit if anyone wishes to chat."

[in front of the Empaths' Guild on Magen Road]

[21:59] Salvur says, "That was entirely too much excitement. My head is still swimming. So much emotion all through this city today."

[21:59] Salvur says, "I wish they'd feel aghast and terrorized a little more quietly."

[22:00] Salvur says, "Hmmm."

[22:00] Sarkranis says to Salvur, "Those who have the least to say do the most talking."

[22:00] Truix says to Sarkranis, "Couldn't agree more."

[22:00] Salvur says, "So...that."

[22:00] Salvur says, "A few of you have been pestering me about it."

[22:00] Salvur says, "I don't know why I should teach you ingrates anything, after they way have behave."

[22:01] Salvur says, "But it's some recent research out of Ilithi."

[22:01] Aevel says to Salvur, "I visit you often and enjoy when you tell me I'm unworthy. Please teach me."

[22:01] Kalyndara says, "Because we make you laugh in yer sleep."

[22:01] Salvur says, "They've been working on improving the link."

[22:01] Kalyndara says, "Oh that is nice."

[22:01] Blacksoul says to Salvur, "You're right. They don't deserve it."

[22:01] Salvur says, "Some fanciful person named that one the 'unity' link."

[22:02] Salvur says, "But it does seem to work rather well. I suppose."

[22:02] Kalyndara asks, "How so?"

[22:02] Salvur says, "You have to explain."

[22:02] Salvur says, "Well."

[22:02] Kalyndara asks, "Drink a lot?"

[22:02] Kalyndara says, "Ready."

[22:02] Salvur says, "You know how certain abilities work by requiring to to Empathize so fully with your -- err -- patient that"

[22:03] Kalyndara says, "Yes."

[22:03] Kalyndara says, "We mold with them."

[22:03] You hear a voice say, "You must be talking about shifting."

[22:03] Blacksoul asks, "Mold?"

[22:03] Blacksoul asks, "Mildew?"

[22:03] Kalyndara says, "Never.. tis outlawed and stuff like that."

[22:03] Dahaita says, "Ridiculous law."

[22:03] Kalyndara says, "Anyways."

[22:04] Kalyndara says, "This sounds fascinating."

[22:04] Sarkranis says, "Now isn't the time to talk about that thing."

[22:04] Aevel says, "Please continue."

[22:04] Salvur asks, "Ah, sorry, where was I?"

[22:04] Truix says to Salvur, "Unity link."

[22:04] Salvur says, "You have to sort of break down the barriers that separate you from the other."

[22:04] You hear a voice say, "Its just because the royal family doesnt want you to be as pretty as them.. Stupid vein people.."

[22:04] Salvur says, "Which I assure you, is entirely unpleasant."

[22:05] Salvur says, "But they did ask me to test it out and make sure it wouldn't kill you all."

[22:05] Salvur says, "So here I am, doing my scholarly duty."

[22:05] Sarkranis exclaims to Salvur, "I'll vouch for that!"

[22:05] Kalyndara says, "Trial and error can be fun."

[22:05] Dahaita asks, "How do you break down these barriers?"

[22:05] Salvur asks, "It's interesting that all of this research is coming out of Ilithi, don't you agree?"

[22:05] Kalyndara says, "Where there is no ban.. dur."

[22:05] Salvur says to Dahaita, "It's one of those things you really just can't explain in words. A lot of Empathy is like that."

[22:06] Salvur says to Kalyndara, "Your words, not mine."

[22:06] Kalyndara exclaims, "Totally!"

[22:06] Blacksoul asks Salvur, "Maybe you should move to Illithi?"

[22:06] Kalyndara says, "Out."

[22:06] Dahaita asks Salvur, "Could you demonstrate?"

[22:06] Salvur says, "I have been, for hours."

[22:06] Salvur says, "Anyway, I can't teach it to you yet."

[22:06] Kalyndara asks, "Have you?"

[22:06] Kalyndara asks, "Why not?"

[22:06] Salvur says, "We have to make sure it won't kill you."

[22:06] Kalyndara exclaims, "You tease you!"

[22:06] Truix slowly says, "Interestin'."

[22:06] Kalyndara says, "Teach me... let's find out."

[22:06] Truix darkly says, "Was hopin' Kalyndara would be the first."

[22:07] Sarkranis asks Salvur, "Any word on when it might be ready or how we might help speed the process?"

[22:07] Salvur says, "That's not even the only thing in that packet they sent me, but it's the only one I've practised, so I can't show you the others."

[22:07] Dahaita says, "Hasn't killed anyone yet, it seems."

[22:07] Aevel asks, "Others?"

[22:07] Salvur exclaims to Dahaita, "Maybe it'll make you funny in the head, slowly, so that you don't really notice it happening. Who knows!"

[22:07] Blacksoul asks Dahaita, "What good is it if it doesn't kill anyone?"

[22:07] Dahaita says, "Not sure I'd notice the difference."

[22:07] Sarkranis says, "Too late."

[22:07] Aevel asks, "You can't show us, but could you tell us?"

[22:07] Aevel says, "Too late."

[22:07] Kalyndara says to Salvur, "Um.. we're already funny in the head."

[22:07] Salvur says, "Hmm."

[22:08] Truix hesitantly asks, "I may have missed this... but what's the advantage to the coined -- unity link?"

[22:08] Salvur says, "The other new type of link also has a ridiculous name."

[22:08] Salvur asks, "Hand of Hodierna. Who do they pay to come up with these things?"

[22:08] Kalyndara asks, "Oh do tell?"

[22:08] Salvur says, "I suppose I shouldn't laugh on a day like this."

[22:08] Aevel asks, "What does that link do?"

[22:08] Salvur says, "I really wish I hadn't had this opportunity to test everything in quite this way."

[22:09] Salvur says, "I can still feel sorrow blanketing this city like a funk."

[22:09] Blacksoul says, "Smells like hot dogs."

[22:09] Salvur says, "I don't think I'm going to tell you what it does."

[22:09] Aevel says, "If it pleases you, we can neuter Truix for a demonstration. That will surely clear away all the sorrow in the immediate area."

[22:09] Salvur says, "You can just drive yourselves crazy speculating over the name."

[22:09] Valadhiel says, "Not polite to tell us about it then not tell us what it does."

[22:09] Kalyndara says, "Ohh that'd be fun."

[22:10] Salvur says to Valadhiel, "Excessive politeness is not something I am often accused of."

[22:10] Valadhiel says, "That's true."

[22:10] Aevel says, "Your test subject."

[22:10] Truix says, "Luckily... I avoided the neuterin'."

[22:10] Truix says, "Now..."

[22:10] Truix slowly asks, "Where were we?"

[22:10] Kalyndara asks, "What's the name of the other thing you cannot teach us?"

[22:10] Kalyndara asks, "Can you at least um... show us?"

[22:11] Salvur says, "I told you I haven't practiced any of the others."

[22:11] Valadhiel says, "Truix definitly wants to be the uhm what's the word..."

[22:11] Dahaita says, "You can test it out on me, I'm already a bit addled in the head."

[22:11] Salvur says, "And that one requires a new type of link in place that I haven't practiced either."

[22:12] Salvur says, "I'm going back to my office, I think. Perhaps if I surround myself with plants it will block out some of the feelings."

[22:12] Salvur says, "And if I catch any of you trying to heist that packet I will..."

[22:12] Salvur says, "I'll just leave it to your imaginations."

[22:12] Kalyndara asks, "Is it in your office now?"

[22:12] Truix slowly says, "Interestin'."

[22:12] Blacksoul asks, "Heist?"

[22:13] Valadhiel asks, "Packet eh?"

[22:13] Dahaita asks, "Ah, so it can be stolen?"

[22:13] Truix says, "I'm going to find it first..."

[22:13] [ * Salvur returns home from a hard day of adventuring.]

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