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Re: Relgion For the Non-Clerics · on 5/17/2009 3:49:19 AM 997
The main administrative body of the Clerics' Guild is effectively Immortal-neutral and claims temporal authority over the entire religion. There's a certain bias against negative aspect worship, but that's due to social mores. In standard religious practices, the negative aspects are objects of appeasement rather than veneration, so Dark Clerics are regarded (rightfully) as a little on the deranged psycho-murderer side.

Tallis is the High Priestess of the entire religion, not just Rutilor (her preferred deity). Likewise, the Guildleaders are in their positions by dint of their personal qualifications and not due to the sponsorship of individual gods. Again, keeping in mind you're not going to see too many Dark Clerics in the higher ranks on average.

Outside the main body, things get a little funky. There's a lot of shrines, temples, monasteries, and whatnot dotting the countryside and many of them are dedicated to a specific god. Some of them are powerful and influential enough to have their own sub-hierarchies and even presume to speak on behalf of their deity. But they almost always play nice with the high temple.


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