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Regeneration Items & 3rd Party Atmo · on 05/28/2020 16:24 14755
Atmo items are designed to be atmo items. Regen items happen to be a type of atmo item, which is why activating and deactivating them use the ATMO command. Like the original post stated, it was discovered during 2019 HE that the 3rd person messaging could be removed.

Currently, the plan is to have 3rd person messaging removal in two places.

  1. Specialty Merchant Alteration sessions. Alterers Phinara and the Witch were able to alter regen items for 3rd party messaging removal in the past HE. Unfortunately, RIP the Witch, so we're down to Phinara!
  2. A future unnamed MT event will offer scheduled sessions to remove the 3rd person messaging.

I hope that helps!

GM Winna

This message was originally posted in Discussions with DragonRealms Staff and Players / General Discussions, by DR-WINNA on the forums.