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Re: Rayureko's visit 7/7 · on 07/09/2015 12:04 AM CDT 1604
[The Grove, Ancient Tree]

Creaking limbs and branches intertwine to form a makeshift floor. Within this airy landing, the cured hide of some long dead beast sways between two leafy boughs. Scattered upon the floor, in several haphazard piles, lay mounds of various pelts. Dangling from overhead like some macabre wind chime, a collection of skulls sways in the shifting breeze. You also see a tree trunk, a lifesculpted ironwood sideboard with several things on it, a dark hole and an ironwood drink cart with several things on it. Also here: Hunter Mhisra, Navigator Gotinx, Warrior Priestess Piety, Master Healer Kithrievarion, Arsharra'grah Kilan, Varenkis, Legendary Moon Mage Hnot, Visionist Miskton, Range Master Tathalus, Tender Nakori, Huntress Kaindell, Hub Storyteller Jhesili, Holy Warrior Jofka, Empathy Authority Kawtehppor, Serene Lady Kintalia, Eidola Bailon, Teacher of the Kin Seryal, Ra Vaelorn and Rayureko. Obvious paths: none.

Rayureko says, "The last time I gathered you here, I told you all of a Hub that I -- as Vael -- aided in settling on this side of the barrier."

Rayureko casually observes the area.

You see Eidola Bailon, a Prydaen. Bailon has an angular face, tufted pointed ears, cat-slitted tilted moss-green eyes and a broken nose. His brown mane is long and wavy. He has tortoiseshell fur, a tufted slender tail and an athletic build. He is average height for a Prydaen. He appears to be elderly. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a hidden sheath, a reinforced white ironwood sniper's bow, a stiff leather pack, a heavily draped tunic with dagged sleeves, some dark green hunter's leathers and a simple hide quiver.

Rayureko says, "Silverclaw Hub, as I mentioned, has been rather elusive for years, keeping quietly to themselves with only a secretive Hub Leader that made contact with Zoluren officials."

Kilan says, "I...don't entirely blame them."

Rayureko says, "The three I have brought here today reside in that very Hub, serving as permanent members of their Claws and providing guidance and aid."

Rayureko grins at Kilan.

Rayureko just nudged Vaelorn.

Vaelorn clears his throat.

You see Ra Vaelorn, a Prydaen. Vaelorn has a round face, pointed ears, cat-slitted wide gold eyes and a narrow nose. He has a cropped russet mane, with tawny fur, a crooked tail and a wiry build. He is average height for a Prydaen. He appears to be young. He is in good shape.

He is wearing some flowing marblesilk robes patterned like a dense mountain treeline.

Vaelorn says, "I am Ra Vaelorn, of the Claw of Eu."

Vaelorn bows.

Vaelorn says, "It's with great honor that I get to meet so many of you today, as this may be one of the few times non Prydaen will ever see me, or any of us three."

Khaelyn says to Vaelorn, "The pleasure is all ours."

Kintalia softly says, "Well that is a shame."

You see Teacher of the Kin Seryal, a Prydaen. Seryal has an oval face, cat-slitted slanted jade eyes and a straight nose. Her golden brown mane is very long and wavy. She has rust-colored fur with ruddy stripes, a thick tail and a lithe figure. She is slightly under average height for a Prydaen. She appears to be young. She is in good shape.

She is holding a diminutive swan in her right hand. She is wearing a woven baldric, a hooded deep black sarrak (robe) with a silver claw clasp and a small woven pouch.

Kintalia softly says to Vaelorn, "It is nice to see you then."

Jhesili says, "Good ta meets ya."

Vaelorn says, "Generally, within the Hubs, we do not allow outsiders or visitors to enter the Hut of the Three, but the leadership among Silverclaw have made a rather distinctive choice to welcome all untainted Prydaen to visit with us."

Vaelorn smiles at Seryal.

Kilan says, "Pleased to hear that."

Kintalia softly asks, "What defines untainted?"

Seryal says, "When we say untainted.. we do mean those that have ventured away from the path of the Triquetra or the other gods of these lands."

Seryal glances at Bailon.

Kawtehppor says, "I try to bathe often."

Seryal says, "Bailon here, becomes rather.."

Bailon says, "Homicidal."

Seryal says, "That's the word."

Seryal says, "I am Seryal, of the Claw of Demrris. I provide aid in the manner of politics, teachings -- and general common sense, if you ask me."

Seryal smiles.

Vaelorn exclaims, "She also really likes trillium blossoms!"

Vaelorn covers his mouth with his hand.

Khaelyn says to Seryal, "So good to have you among us today."

Seryal grins at Vaelorn.

Kilan says to Jhesili, "Should bug her for tales."

Seryal says, "Ah, while I do help in the teacher, is it Ra Vaelorn here that is the storyteller."

Seryal smiles.

Jhesili says to Kilan, "Lemme at least get ta know her before I bug her."

Seryal says, "Help in the teaching, rather."

Hnot says, "No no, bug now."

Seryal says, "And this homical fellow.."

Seryal gazes at Bailon.

Bailon says, "I am Eidola Bailon, of the Claw of Tenemlor."

Bailon observes the area with a stern look.

Khaelyn says to Bailon, "Welcome, all of you."

Bailon says, "I aid in the protection of our Hub, and the destruction of abominations that enter our territory."

Vaelorn says, "He's actually a really big teddy bear, once you get to know him."

Vaelorn nods.

Hnot says, "Ooo."

Bailon looks at Vaelorn and sighs.

Seryal appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Hnot asks, "Is he soft?"

Kintalia softly asks Vaelorn, "What about for us none furry folk?"

Rayureko shifts his weight.

Khaelyn says to Hnot, "Poke him and find out."

Vaelorn says to Kintalia, "Oh, I don't know."

Bailon says, "I'd rather you not. I promised Ra Yureko I would not kill anyone today."

Rayureko says, "Ah, yes. Yes."

Rayureko exclaims, "So!"

Hnot says, "I dont really want to poke him."

Kilan says, "Best of luck with that."

Jofka says to Bailon, "You haven't met the citizens of this province, it will be a difficult promise to keep."

Bailon chortles softly at some secret joke.

Rayureko says, "There's a rather wonderful reason I've invited these three here. Mostly, because so many of you will never be able to meet them otherwise, as their duties often keep them from leaving the Hub."

[Ran out here for ~20 seconds to refresh invisibility.]

Rayureko says, "He is the Hub Leader of Silverclaw."

Varenkis mutters something into the air about didn't have any anyways.

Hnot says, "Hmmm."

Jhesili says, "Dat very goods ta know."

Rayureko says, "I'll be introducing him in a day or so near the Forest of Night, where he will lead outsiders into the Hub."

Rayureko says, "Though, if you plan to join, please be aware..."

Rayureko glances at Bailon.

Tathalus says, "Nice."

Bailon says, "There are rather hostile dryad priestesses and twisted dryads along the way."

Kilan asks, "Never easy, is it?"

Bailon says, "If you are more used to the blood dryads within the Forest of Night, you will find these much more challenging to deal with."

Bailon says, "However, once you are inside the Hub, you will be safe."

Khaelyn says, "Run fast then."

Rayureko nods to Bailon.

Nakori meekly says, "Oh no, that place..."

Tathalus asks, "So I might have fun?"

Vaelorn gazes at a black iron cage filled with squeaking mice.

Hnot says, "Cant be that bad."

Jhesili says, "Caravan comin wit me for quick hidey hole, noted."

Hnot exclaims, "They sound fun!"

Rayureko chortles softly at some secret joke.

Hnot exclaims, "Always up for a challenge!"

Tathalus asks, "I wonder if theyre up for a struggle snuggle?"

Rayureko says, "And lastly.. I thought it might be nice, especially given the circumstances, that these three are willing to answer some questions if anyone has any."

Bailon chuckles.

Vaelorn asks, "Oh, yes! Questions?"

Vaelorn casually observes the area.

Vaelorn nods to Kintalia.

Tathalus asks Bailon, "Question one, where can I get one like you?"

Bailon laughs at Tathalus.

Hnot asks, "Are non prydaens going to be allowed in?"

Hnot says, "I missed if there was an answer to that from earlier."

Kintalia softly asks Vaelorn, "Will we be allowed to take anything with us from the Hub, items of trade or commerce for example?"

Kintalia softly says to Hnot, "They said yes."

Hnot says to Kintalia, "Thanks."

Vaelorn says to Kintalia, "Yes, actually! Some of our crafters have chosen to sell a few trinkets within the Hub."

Tathalus asks Vaelorn, "And where can I find anything with the pattern your robes have?"

Bailon says to Hnot, "All will be allowed within the Hub, but only Prydaen may enter the Hut of the Three, where we reside."

Hnot nods to Bailon.

Tathalus says, "Open trade? thats awesome."

Vaelorn grins at Tathalus.

Kintalia softly asks Vaelorn, "Will that also include any books on the history of the Silverclaw Hub?"

Hnot says, "That is what I thought I heard."

Vaelorn says to Tathalus, "I'm afraid we don't sell marblesilk. Ra Yureko brought these for me."

Vaelorn shakes his head at Kintalia.

Kintalia softly asks Vaelorn, "Where might one find such documents or books?"

Tathalus asks Rayureko, "Speaking of, my uncle wonders about Darkali's stance on trade, will we see any commerce with her hub soon?"

Vaelorn says to Kintalia, "We have been quite traditional in this regard, we do not have books, but we may, in the future, help to write some."

Kawtehppor says, "Are there any special things to eat there? Zoluren is overflowing with tarts and I would love to see some new delicacies pop up."

Rayureko says to Tathalus, "I've asked her to consider it, and she is doing so."

Kintalia softly says to Vaelorn, "I would look forward to seeing such volumes."

Seryal smiles.

Tathalus says to Vaelorn, "While the marblesilk is awesome, more curious about the pattern....very stealthy."

Seryal asks, "I think it would be best if people rasied their hands, first?"

Vaelorn chuckles.

Vaelorn nods to Tathalus.

Seryal asks Jofka, "I believe you had raised yours?"

Tathalus says to Rayureko, "I will tell him your answer and tell him to shut up and wait then."

Jofka asks, "Do you have any housing space for those of us wishing to reside with our own kind?"

Seryal smiles.

Varenkis asks Vaelorn, "Why are we being allowed to visit the Hub now?"

Seryal says, "As of right now, we do not, but we are working on building new platforms to allow for such."

Kintalia softly says to Jofka, "Excellent question."

Varenkis asks, "Has something happened in the territory we need to know about?"

Jofka exclaims, "Good to know!"

Tathalus says to Varenkis, "Incase gnomes follow.............good eatin."

Vaelorn says to Varenkis, "Because Ra Yureko brought forth the idea and we decided upon it."

Rayureko grins.

Kawtehppor asks, "I'm not quite sure how I feel about this, decent taste but could be a little more, um cooked?"

Bailon grins.

Tathalus asks, "Try the crabs?"

Jofka says, "You wanted a new delicacy."

Hnot says, "Live food isnt bad."

Tathalus says, "They aint bad raw."

Hnot says, "A little blood never heard anyone."

Bailon says, "As for food within the Hub, we have a few snares that capture squirrels."

Hnot says, "Hurt."

Tathalus says, "Oo or the vipers from Sunfall."

Bailon says, "Most of us eat those, if we have no wish to hunt."

Tathalus says, "Tasty too."

Rayureko nods to Kintalia.

Jofka says to Tathalus, "You sir, are a strange Elothean."

Bailon grins.

Kintalia softly says, "Will you offer a formal place for traditional mating or wedding rituals should any Prydaen wish to bond."

Bailon says, "That he is, but oddly, I seem to find myself liking him."

Rayureko shifts uncomfortably for a moment.

Kintalia softly says, "I would be interested to see the traditions of the hub wedding."

Tathalus says to Jofka, "Been called worse things that were true."

Rayureko gazes at Seryal.

Jofka says to Bailon, "Yeah, he's a good guy."

Kawtehppor says, "Would anyone mind killing this crab for me? I'm having a bit of internal conflict on biting into this creature."

Seryal giggles.

Seryal asks, "Traditional.. mating. Do you think we must do something strange?"

Gotinx says, "But it is dead."

Kawtehppor says, "That dead crab still has a wee bit of life to it."

Kintalia softly says to Seryal, "Well, I was told that the prydaen do not usually wed or bond to one partner."

Tathalus asks, "Traditional mating?"

Seryal grins.

Hnot says, "Interesting."

Hnot says, "I didnt know that."

Tathalus asks, "Isnt that when they guy gets blind drunk?"

Kintalia softly says to Seryal, "So I am curious as to what kind of mating ceremony you have when a prydaen does decide to bond with someone."

Kawtehppor says, "Well, the shock will be worth finding out if this is tasty or not."

Seryal says, "We have both mates and life mates, but never both at the same time."

Tathalus says, "And slobbers while confessing his love."

Seryal says, "Going back to the question of books..."

Varenkis asks Bailon, "Do these 'abominations' often venture into your territory? Since the path is soon to open should be wary of them finding their way here?"

Kintalia softly says, "Well, I would be interested to see what the traditions are for life mating rituals within the hub."

Seryal says, "We have plans to aid in the publishing of a book on our bonding ceremonies."

Varenkis says, "I wouldn't like to see one of them at the guild."

Seryal asks, "Would that answer you?"

Seryal gazes at Kintalia.

Kintalia softly says, "That would be excellent."

Kintalia softly says, "It is so difficult to find reliable sources of information."

Bailon says to Varenkis, "I've caught them more than once."

Seryal nods.

Rayureko asks, "So! Next non-mating question?"

Rayureko grins sheepishly.

Jhesili asks, "Will dere be a story night? better yet can we hear one now?"

Vaelorn appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Rayureko grins at Jhesili.

Kawtehppor asks Rayureko, "Do your people ever actually cook their food?"

Kintalia softly says to Khaelyn, "Being married to a prydaen raises a lot of questions in the clan."

Rayureko says to Kawtehppor, "If we're going somewhere where there will be no food, we will, but it's not great."

Tathalus says to Kawtehppor, "They pickle eggs."

Vaelorn says to Jhesili, "I'll arrange a story night some time."

Kawtehppor says, "Well then, back to the nasty tarts the halflings keep raving over."

Tathalus says, "And a lil ale with them, thats good eatin."

Jhesili says to Vaelorn, "Thank yas."

Kilan says to Jhesili, "I am impressed at your restraint."

Hnot says, "I love prydaen storys."

Vaelorn says, "You can also come and ask me for a story any time you wish, once I'm back in Silverclaw."

Hnot says, "The spoken history stuff is great."

Vaelorn nods to Jhesili.

Rayureko grins.

Tathalus says, "Course youll wake up with breathe to knock a vulture off a garbage wagon at a thousand yards."

Tathalus says to Kawtehppor, "In the end, your call."

Jhesili says to Vaelorn, "I try nay ta wake yas too early or nuthin."

Bailon flips his mane over one shoulder. (STARLEAR EAT YR HEART OUT)

Bailon asks, "There are more questions?"

Bailon nods to Kintalia.

Kintalia softly asks, "Will there be a story today?"

Vaelorn grins at Jhesili.

Bailon makes a disgusting grunting noise.

Bailon asks, "From which of us?"

Jofka says, "The homicidal one."

Kintalia softly says, "Well, I was under the impression Vaelorn is the storyteller..."

Jofka says to Bailon, "You probably have the best stories."

Vaelorn snorts, loudly.

Tathalus says, "Yeah, I kinda like the homicidal one."

Linett quietly says, "Seryal said she tells stories. I believe."

Vaelorn exclaims, "He lacks a poets tongue!"

Bailon grins.

Kilan says, "This seems correct, to me. Darkensi killed me a bunch and told good stories."

Nakori hiccups.

Jofka says, "But he has a warrior's wit."

Cristalyn glances up at the sky.

Seryal says, "Oh, me? No.. no. I'm rather bad at stories."

Tathalus says, "What he lacks in tongue, he makes up for with aim."

Seryal says, "Give me an academic topic, and I will talk for days."

Seryal asks, "But a story that must end?"

Seryal shakes her head.

Linett quietly says to Seryal, "I was just trying to avoid the homicidal stories."

Vaelorn grins.

Vaelorn says to Kintalia, "Ok."

Bailon asks Tathalus, "You also had a question?"

Seryal grins at Linett.

Rayureko tilts his head, clearly curious about something.

Tathalus asks, "Yes, at the hub, what style of weaponry do the warriors favor?"

Bailon grins.

Bailon draws forth a curved silver kanabu.

Bailon says, "These."

Bailon shows Tathalus his silver kanabu.

Zevox says, "Oooh."

Kilan says, " a new one, to me."

Jhesili says, "Ooh."

Tathalus says, "Blade peoples."

Bailon says, "Many use bows as well, but we all carry these. They are called kanabu in our tongue."

Hnot asks, "Kanabu?"

Bailon nods to Hnot.

Kintalia softly asks Bailon, "What kind of weapon is it?"

Kintalia tilts her head, clearly curious about something.

Hnot asks, "A knife?"

Tathalus says, "Yeah, I call that a barber blade."

Bailon says, "Your pronounciation wasn't even terrible, good job."

Tathalus says, "For when you gotta take some off the top."

Bailon says, "They are small edged knives, often hooked like the shape of a large claw."

Hnot says, "Sounds good for skinnin and guttin."

Kintalia softly says to Bailon, "Thank you."

Bailon says, "There are rather important to our Hub in particular."

Bailon sheathes his silver kanabu.

Kintalia softly asks Bailon, "Why is that?"

Bailon says, "They are, I mean."

Hnot asks, "Do they come in certain... materials or colors? For status?"

Bailon says to Hnot, "We often prefer silver for them, but we use any metal we attain. There's no status symbol about them, though."

Bailon nods to Tathalus.

Bailon says to Kintalia, "They played a role in us making it through the Forest of Night alive."

Rayureko smiles briefly.

Nakori meekly asks, "Um... how did you all learn common...?"

Hnot says, "Ive never tried silver for a blade..."

Kintalia softly says to Bailon, "I hesitate to ask the story behind that."

Hnot asks, "Does it hold edge well?"

Hnot says, "Seems like it might be a little soft, and tarnish bad."

Tathalus says, "Silver is good for a blade."

Jofka says, "That is an awfully rough area..."

Bailon says to Hnot, "They're replaced often, to be honest."

Kintalia wryly says to Vaelorn, "Typical Zoluren folks, start talking weapons and they're all distracted."

Tathalus says, "Thought I believe they use a different forgins style."

Khaelyn says to Tathalus, "It's a good color."

Jhesili flashes a wide grin at Kintalia.

Kilan mutters something into the air about Sithsia.

Bailon says to Nakori, "As for how we learned Common.."

Seryal clears her throat.

Seryal says, "We may have hidden ourselves away, but we are not totally unaware of the outside world."

Seryal smiles.

Bailon nods to Seryal.

Nakori meekly asks, "Did... you learn as kits? How long did it take?"

Rayureko grins.

Vaelorn says, "I have always known it. I taught Bailon."

Bailon grumbles.

Seryal appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Seryal says, "And I learned from... helping Bailon learn from Vaelorn."

Rayureko grins.

[More vanishing for ~20 seconds here.]

Seryal pats Rayureko on the back.

Kilan says to Rayureko, "Getting better, yes."

Jhesili says, "Ya does better den me."

Jhesili says, "An i been heres a while."

Rayureko says, "One of you asked about the story behind the silver kanabu. It's one I remember."

Vaelorn grins.

Kawtehppor asks Vaelorn, "Have any of the settlers found any new sources of Senci rock? Or is that still lost in the tainted lands?"

Kintalia softly says to Rayureko, "Oh, do share."

Vaelorn says to Kawtehppor, "It remains in the West."

Hnot says, "Yes Id like to thear that story, of the forest and how they helped you make it."

Hnot says, "Prydaen spoken history fascinates me."

Rayureko grins.

Rayureko says to Vaelorn, "Shall I tell it, or you? I know it's a favorite of yours."

Vaelorn grins.

Kilan exclaims to Jhesili, "Don't have a good leanin staff, anymore!"

Vaelorn says, "I can tell those that come and ask me later. This is quite literally, your story."

Vaelorn nods to Rayureko.

Rayureko nods.

Tathalus says to Vaelorn, "Ill hold ya to that."

You whisper to Nakori, "People sure do like to babble... and shh, don't say aught about me being here."

Vaelorn smiles.

Rayureko says, "Long ago, as we brought the Barrier to life, a group of us ventured out, seeking to make a new home anywhere we could."

Jhesili says to Kilan, "Ta match ya age."

Rayureko says, "As Vael, I was aided by others in creating temporary Hubs that vanished easily. We moved from place to place, never quite settling for a long time."

Rayureko exclaims, "The majority of us happened to be from among the forested areas in our homeland, and we often found ourselves seeking to build something more permanent within a forest. Of which.. you seem to have many!"

Rayureko appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Rayureko says, "However, each forest we happened through, seemed permeated by adventurers, travellers, traders, explorers, lost rangers, or so completely overrun by dangerous creatures, that we sadly turned away and looked elsewhere."

Rayureko says, "And yet, as we came closer to the city that is more of a forest than a city, we found ourselves feeling some odd kinship with.. of all people, Elves."

Tathalus says, ""

Rayureko says, "Now of course, these Elves paid us no mind. We were simply an oddity, a blip on the radar of their long lives."

Rayureko says, "We were something unique that had wandered near their lands, but nothing for them to be overly concerned with. And yet, as we moved our settlement around through the denser parts of the forest surrounding their town, we learned much from the way they'd build their homes and shops into and from the very trees."

Rayureko says, "Neatly hiding them away. In some cases, we weren't even aware there WAS a home there, until someone burst from it, startling one of us."

Rayureko appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Rayureko asks Kintalia, "Yes?"

Kintalia softly asks, "Is that how the prydaen learnt how to lifesculpt wood?"

Rayureko blinks.

Seryal laughs!

Seryal says, "Goodness, no."

Kintalia softly says, "It is only the Elves and the Prydaen who can lifesculpt, I was curious if that was where the skill came from for the Prydaen."

Seryal says to Kintalia, "We do not presume to do it ourselves. We ask it of Eu."

Vaelorn says, "And Eu answers us, or he does not."

Bailon gazes at Vaelorn.

Bailon says, "Or she."

Vaelorn says, "Or it."

Vaelorn says, "Eu is eu."

Vaelorn nods to Bailon.

Rayureko grins.

Kintalia softly says, "The Elves do not request Eu to make the change so much as bend the wood to their will."

Kintalia softly says, "I see why the styles turn out so differently."

Kilan says, "They are a bit..haughty, yes."

Rayureko nods to Kintalia.

Kintalia softly says, "Sorry, forgive the interuption."

Rayureko says, "We do not seek to change nature, only to ask from it and accept what it gives us."

Rayureko says, "Where was I..."

Seryal says, "Hidden homes."

Rayureko nods.

Rayureko says, "Ah, yes."

Kintalia softly says, "You spoke of moving around the forest city."

Rayureko says, "Moving around the town that yes, that you call Leth Deriel, we learned much from how the Elves had managed to live with the land, but we knew we could not stay here and live among them. That is not our way, and well.. we are a rather territorial race."

Rayureko says, "We need our own space to range about, hunt, feel secure, and not have to worry that there may be some danger from others that also inhabit the land with us."

You whisper to Nakori, "After the story...would you ask a question for me? If they've ever run into signs of Sithsia."

Rayureko says, "Armed with our new curiously gained knowledge, we ventured back the way we came, hoping to make a home in one of the many forests we had examined before, thinking that now we had found a way to securely hide ourselves."

Nakori mutters something into the air about Sithsia.

Rayureko says, "However, along the way, we found ourselves in one of the darkest forests we had ever known. For weeks, we travelled through it, we lost gear, we lost food, we lost people."

Rayureko says, "It seemed that the very forest itself was changing around us."

Hnot says, "Lost people? eesh."

Rayureko says, "And.. so it was."

Rayureko nods to Hnot.

Kilan says, "Forests can be rather dangerous."

Kilan says, "Specially that one."

Rayureko says, "The Forest of Night, a place of ever changing routes, trees that simply pick up and leave, and a place full of odd noises. The forest was quite alive."

Rayureko says, "While many of us felt this was a sign of Eu -- for what else could be, but a living forest? -- that we should settle here, many others rebelled."

Rayureko says, "Our group split more than once, and we never saw those that left us again."

Rayureko says, "After a few months, we were down to the barest of supplies, armed with only tiny, pitiful little silver blades."

Nakori meekly asks Rayureko, "Sorry to interrupt, but, um... did you hear them... calling for you?"

Rayureko smiles.

Rayureko says to Nakori, "Be times, yes."

Rayureko says to Nakori, "I lost a good friend that way."

You whisper to Nakori, "It's strange, the way they talk, it's almost like they don't realize the forest was created with necromancy."

Rayureko says, "So with these tiny knives, the remainder of us decided enough was enough. We called upon the Triquetra to aid us, and that night, we came across a dense grove of trees that reached higher than many others."

Rayureko says, "Nearly out of place among the marshy, dark grounds."

Rayureko says, "Those of us that still had the strength, climbed high into the trees and built platforms, pulling the rest of us up into them. From there, we built our home into what it is today."

Vaelorn says, "The story goes on, but that is the bulk of how we became Silverclaw, and how we named our Hub, for the small claw-shaped knives we all carried."

Bailon nods.

Kilan says to Jhesili, "Prydaen and trees..had no idea it was so cultural."

Kintalia softly says, "Fascinating."

Hnot says, "Its really something."

Hnot says, "To learn how a weapon gets its name."

Bailon grins.

Jhesili says, "Excellent story thank yas."

Bailon says, "Now, we do know the Forest of Night is dangerous. The Elves have told us much of its history."

Nakori meekly asks, "Um, did you ever see, um, what was it... a Sithsia?"

Kintalia softly says to Rayureko, "Thank you for sharing the story with us."

Bailon gazes at Nakori.

You whisper to Nakori, "Thank you. Excellent."

Bailon asks, "We have heard of her. The Mad One, yes?"

Khaelyn says, "Was most informative."

Nakori meekly asks, "I don't... know?"

Kilan says, "She is a bit...odd, yes."

You whisper to Nakori, "Hell of a Necrolord, if the stories are anything close to true..."

Seryal says, "At times, we hear those among our Hub frighten the kits into behaving when mention of her, but we're quite aware she is much more than a bedtime nightmare."

Vaelorn frowns.

Kintalia softly says to Rayureko, "It was lovely to see you again but I am afraid I must be going."

Kintalia softly says to Seryal, "It was lovely to meet you."

Vaelorn says, "If she is unhappy with us being there, she has not made it known to us in the many long years we have resided there."

Rayureko nods to Kintalia.

Seryal smiles.

Kintalia softly says to Vaelorn, "I look forward to hearing your stories in the future."

Vaelorn beams!

Hnot says, "Thank you."

Kintalia softly says to Bailon, "I hope you'll keep the route to your hub safe."

Bailon says, "It is certain."

Rayureko says, "Now then, story done. I've heard there are some other happenings going on not too far from here."

Rayureko says, "I would not wish to halt any of you from enjoying other festivities."

Rayureko smiles.

Jofka asks, "Festiviwhatnow?"

Rayureko chortles softly at some secret joke.

Rayureko asks, "Your people are giving teachings, I think?"

Kilan says to Rayureko, "Pleasure to meet you. Shame it'll be as brief as meeting Vael."

Rayureko asks Kilan, "But I am he. Does it not count?"

Seryal appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Azareal softly says, "I look forward to seeing your home soon."

Kilan says to Rayureko, "Still too short, overall."

Rayureko chortles softly at some secret joke.

Rayureko says, "I will still be around. Silverclaw will not be my home."

Xionara softly says to Rayureko, "I am sorry I was so late."

Vaelorn says, "That one there has much more work to do."

Vaelorn nods to Rayureko.

Khaelyn says, "I never can watch that."

Rayureko grins.

Rayureko smiles at Xionara.

Xionara softly says to Rayureko, "I'll have to catch up on what I missed."

Rayureko nods to Xionara.

Kilan says to Rayureko, "I shall keep an ear out, then."

Bailon shifts his weight.

Xionara softly says to Rayureko, "Thank you for doing this."

Zevox exclaims, "Safe travels!"

Rayureko says, "Very welcome, though the thanks should go to these three." > Jhesili says, "Thank ya all fer comin an meetin wit us."

Rayureko motions to Seryal.

Rayureko motions to Bailon.

Rayureko motions to Vaelorn.

Kilan says to Bailon, "Do not puncture too many on your way home."

Miskton says, "Yes, thank you all for coming to speak to us."

Bailon laughs!

Bailon says, "You ask the impossible."

Bailon grins at Kilan.

Xionara softly says, "Thank you." > > Jhesili says to Vaelorn, "I be waitin ta hear dat story."

Seryal grins.

Vaelorn exclaims, "Hee!"

Vaelorn says, "I will tell you SO MANY."

Kilan says to Jhesili, "Here..I aon't that decrepit. Yet."

Jhesili says, "I canna wait."

Rayureko grins.

Tathalus says to Bailon, "I hope there are some neat weapons at the Hub for purchase."

Hnot says, "Much better leanin stick."

Khaelyn says to Tathalus, "I am interested in that as well."

Jhesili says to Kilan, "An i was gonna give it ta ya fer da low low price o 20 plats."

Bailon says, "I believe the crafters are selling a few trinkets, but I can speak to the warriors as well to see if we can make a few available."

Tathalus says, "Sweet."

Seryal smiles at Zenrya.

Tathalus says, "Tastey lil bird there."

Seryal says something in Prydaenese.

Zenrya beams at Seryal!

Seryal's ears perk up happily.

You whisper to Nakori, "Thanks, eh."

Xionara softly says something in Prydaenese.

You whisper to Nakori, "I know that was really hard for you. I'll make it up to you."

Seryal nods to Xionara.

Kilan says to Tathalus, "They do have a way with snacks, yes."

Khaelyn says to Tathalus, "I'm suddenly not hungry this evening."

Nakori mutters something into the air about it being okay.

Seryal says to Xionara, "Sunfall is a quiet place, but I used to visit it just the same."

Hnot says, "Im interested to see this hub."

Xionara softly says something in Prydaenese.

Hnot exclaims, "More stories to come I hope!"

Rayureko grins.

Vaelorn exclaims, "Yes yes yes!"

Linett weakly says, "Everyone could be eating the mice. they are more tender."

Kilan says, "Safe travels, has been a pleasure meeting with you all."

Seryal nods to Xionara.

Xionara softly says, "Oh, I'm sorry, didn't realize I had lapsed into our native tongue."

Rayureko grins at Xionara.

Nakori meekly says to Linett, "Worth it."

Seryal says, "Ah, the suffering of the empathic."

Jhesili says, "Well da yaks don feed demselves."

Seryal shifts her weight.

Jhesili says, "Ya all have a good evenin, an thanks again."

Rayureko smiles.

Rayureko waves.

Tathalus asks Ephic, "Thats good aint it?"

Ephic says to Tathalus, "Not really but had an interesting texture."

Rayureko exclaims, "I'm going to get these three back to their Hub. I'll be around with Liavir in the near future to bring everyone to Silverclaw!"

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