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Re: Ranger Magic 3.1 · on 11/18/2013 01:14 PM CST 1283

See The Wind - Now does a pulsing skill boost based on ranged weapon in hand, defaults to LT with no weapon or melee weapon.

Instinct - Updated to 2 slots.

Cheetah Swiftness - Updated to 3 slots.

Curse of the Wilds - Updated to 3 slots, reduced effects to melee and ranged damage reduction. For creatures it also debuffs evasion, for players if may debuff evasion, shield or parry based on various things.

Bear Strength - Updated to 3 slots.

Wisdom of the Pack - Changed Locks boost to Tactics Boost, still does Wisdom.

Claws of the Cougar - Changed to brawling and pulsing in hand weapon boost.

Forestwalker's Boon - will be available for testing.

There may be some other minor slot cost/signature changes that I don't have the notes for, but that pretty well covers any major changes that I'm aware of.

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