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Re: Prison Riot: The Aftermath Loot Info · on 12/18/2012 12:50 AM CST 4151
Mass catch up post inc.

Let me first say that I focused primarily on the mechanics of the quest and new end treasure mechs. GM Ulerith focused on the area build (it's based on the original prison, but modified for the current setting) as well as nearly all of the incidental treasure and the designs for several of the end quest items. The idea for the quest came from a player at Simucon. From the start, we didn't want this quest to be gear heavy for end treasure. The large number of reruns of quests of late is putting a lot of high end weapons and armor out there, and we wanted to shift the focus on this quest to other items. The same holds for skill/stat boosters.

Someone else mentioned it, but I think putting items with the new mechs into the HE auctions shot ourselves in the foot somewhat. They were created for this quest, but I offered enhanced versions for the HE auction at the last minute, mostly to test them before we released them en masse via quest. New mechanics are fun, and we haven't seen a lot of items with new mechs lately because so much of the dev-oriented folks are tied up with X3. Even still, having these in the quest makes them more accessible to folks who may not have the crazy levels of in game currency to get them at an auction.

This quest was intended to have crafting-heavy loot selections. Unfortunately, due to timing, X3, HE, real life and countless other unfortunate bumps along the way, it didn't work out. I'd still like to see some new materials and maybe some patterns added, but I rely on others to set that up. If things work out to free them up, we'll definitely see what we can do, but I didn't want to hold the quest up any longer. It's the holidays, folks have time away from work, and we wanted to give you something new to do to shake up the day-to-day routines of being in game.

Bottom line, treasure CAN be improved, and I am CERTAIN that it will be with time. I can't promise it for the initial runs, particularly on the crafting front since I rely on others to get that stuff set up. Be assured, though, that we hear your concerns and agree with some of it. Let's just try not to knock the whole quest because it isn't perfect before it even has its first run, eh?

On to specifics...

>Does the wardrobe have RT, and if so how much?

Yes, 5 seconds.

>home furniture isn't good, you guys over value it (paraphrased)

I think you guys may be undervaluing it. TEVESHSZAT put it into perspective pretty well. A standard home is capable of holding (at most) around 20 items between the bed, table, wall, weapon rack, armor stand and general storage trunks. If you got the 6 items from the quest, that home can then hold 90. If you get the scrip shop versions, the home could hold 180. Yes, this is primarily useful to Premium players. Not all of them will want to spend money to go on the quest, so they could be resold for Plats for those interested. It's an incredible expansion of the storage capacity, which also helps them swap items between characters. Home guests are also able to interact with items on the furniture.

Plus, both the quest treasure and the scrip shop versions are rare materials (dragonwood and smokewood respectively). Can be sacrificed for alterations if you don't want the furniture.

>Did all of those suggestions come from plat?

No, Plat didn't have any input to treasure development. They just pointed out issues with what was offered that needed to be fixed. However, a lot of the new mechs DID come from player suggestions, with some modifications. Post #s from the "What Would You Like To See?" topic:
Wind weapons: post #117 by DRISCOLLS
Inventory swapper: posts #123 by ALEPH-ONE and #126 by BSWEET2004
Language item: post #183 by IAMTHEWALRUS
Spirit regen item: post #134 by NEELD

Kick boots (from post #119 by DRISCOLLS) were approved, I just didn't find someone cleared to work with magic to make the item for us in time.

We took ideas directly from you guys and implemented the ones that we could in the time that we had. If we had had more time, I have no doubt that more of those suggestions would be a reality. We definitely have goals to work towards for future treasure additions.

>Any chance on that vitality pulsing item reappearing (I think the one from tower)?

Vitality healer was from Ghost Ship. Tower Quest had the stun hider. No promises, but since Ghost Ship is retiring, I'll see about a similar item. I'll need to check how many have gone out -- we don't want you guys to be invincible because of all the flashy glowy healy things.

>I have to ask, the instruments are compared to violins; isn't that rather low for quest instruments?

Unfortunately I'm rather clueless on instruments. I don't know that many have been used as quest treasure, and certainly ones with higher-than-average quality/stats/whatever-they-have.

>How is this furniture gonna work with the upcomming microtransaction travelers trunk.

They won't "stack", if that's what you're asking. Each home can only have one of each type of furniture. However, home owners have a HOME REMOVE mechanic. You can remove the old one (puts it into a furniture voucher) and replace it with the new. Then you can pass the other to an alt, sell it to another player or whatever suits your needs.

>I'm sure that would be correct if the travelers trunk (micro-transaction) is general storage, but no one has specifically said, it replaces your X house item.

The microtrans item is a general storage trunk. It's not a weapon rack or armor stand slot, it's the general storage slot. You cannot get the microtrans one AND the quest one into the same home, but you can swap them out via the HOME REMOVE mechanics to voucher one or the other.

>An alteration voucher or a LTB style scroll for one item?

Not as end quest treasure. That can get out of hand very quickly, but we can see about something like that in the scrip shop.

>Maybe a nice shield?

What kind/size of shield? There were 4 shields in Tower Quest, and only 19 between them were ever selected. They're not popular, but if there's a decent interest, I'm not opposed.

>Or honestly just an extra allotment of scrip would be wonderful; double scrip or 400 or something. I'd love to play the shop but can't take the time to run and gamble on those awesome 2 scrip runs.

Scrip is being handled differently in this quest. I'll do a separate post on that here in a bit so it doesn't get muddled in here. Short version is that you're guaranteed at least 25, no matter how badly you fail, just for participating. Floating the idea of bonus scrip as end-quest treasure.

>Would really like to see some better looking stick bows that app decently.

Ranged weaponry is hard to do. Under current combat systems, ranged stats aren't easily tweaked and certainly not meaningfully so. Under X3 more may be possible, but at this time things aren't in a place where we can offer great ranged weapons.

>Have they always posted loot tables?

More recent development. Trying to take some of the "what does that do" out of it so there's less risk of picking up an item that's useless to you. In the end, you go in knowing what to expect, and that tends to work out better for both sides.

>Could we possibly see what the furniture looks like?


bed a claw-footed bed crafted of lustrous carved dragonwood Polished to a lustrous sheen, the elaborate headboard towers over the bed and is carved to resemble an open-mouthed dragon. The dark wood's natural scale-like pattern enhances the depiction.
table a glass-topped dragonwood table Set undernearth the clear glass, the naturally scaled wood glitters as bits of crushed gems, caught in the natural burls and crevices, reflect the ambient light.
general storage an elegant dragonwood chest shaped like a large curled dragon Smoothed on top and along the inside, the outer pieces of the chest have been left natural, showcasing the dark wood's natural scale pattern.
wall a gilt dragonwood wall impressed with gold leaf The rich gold leaf is pressed into the creases of the natural scale-like pattern of the dark wood. Built straight into the walls, a myriad of cubbie-holes provide storage for a plethora of items.
weapon rack a dragonwood rack inlaid with gold filigree Tiered from a large base shelf up to a smaller one, the dark wood has been smoothed along each shelf and left natural on the outer edges. Smoothly lining the edges, gold filigree creates an elegant vine design that branches off into tiny trumpet-shaped flowers.
armor stand a sturdy dragonwood stand Set with a solid base, the dark stand rises up to three sets of bars, providing spaces for multiple pieces of armor to be stored.

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