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Re: Pathway defense and Recovery time · on 6/9/2009 12:26:21 AM 2063
>>What exactly effects the duration of pathways? Seems like sometimes i can have one up for 10 minutes or so and other times it drops in a minute or two max. My concentration never takes a hit and i haven't seen the duration increase with my circles or stats.

>>Without quoting any specific posts, I believe it has been stated Discipline, Charisma, and Intelligence (in no particular order) all factor into manipulative resolve pool size and/or regeneration.

Those three attributes affect the amount of manipulative resolve you have, but it regenerates at a static rate.

>>Each pathway burns through resolve at a different rate, which makes sense. A pathway that is doing more work should use up more units of resolve per second.


>>I may be totally wrong but it would make sense to me that the more skill you have in magic the more you would find a way to manipulate it easier.

Manipulation of the aethereal pathways isn't actually magic.

- GM Wythor

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