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Paladin Spell Update #5 · on 9/11/2008 9:30:06 PM 7795
I want to take this opportunity to talk about barrier spells. We endeavor to take a more comprehensive approach to Paladin barrier spells and I think you'll like the result. The primary goal right now is to revamp, tweak, and release spells to get you to what you have today. Doing so will expand your spellbook by about 3 spells. One of which you will learn about today (the tier 3 spell) and you will be introduced to two new spells (tier 4 and 5) which will come at a later date.

Once our work is done Paladins will have the most comprehensive set of barrier and defensive spells available in DragonRealms.

Valor Book

Tier 1 - Anti Stun, no changes.

Tier 2 - Shield Wall (Requires Anti-Stun) - A "battery" or "reserve" of protection. Will reduce incoming damage for the duration of the spell or for as long as the barrier exists. Each incoming strike you take will work to lower the power of the spell until it has diminished. It is important to not confuse this spell with magic barrier spells that work to stop an attack. This spell will not work to hinder other casters but it will work to protect you from a vast majority of offensive actions that cause damage. In essence this spell will reduce damage and it decays over time. Initially provides strong protection but degenerates fairly rapidly if taking damage.

Tier 3 - Soldier's Prayer (Requires Shield Wall) - Spell will remain largely as it exists today and will work to weaken the incoming spell's affect. I do plan to make this spell refreshable and a bit more flexible.

Tier 4 (PLANNED) - (Requires Soldiers Prayer) - Held mana spell that is a marriage between Soldier's Prayer and Shield Wall. To provide the idea behind this spell consider Manifest Force on steroids. It will not stack with other physical or elemental protection spells.

Tier 5 (PLANNED) - (Requires Tier 4) - Held mana spell that will allow the Paladin to utilize shield and armor against all TM attacks.



This message was originally posted in The Paladins \ Magic Talk and Spell Ideas, by DR-SSRA on the forums.