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Re: Paladin Archtypes · on 02/24/2015 08:24 AM CST 3146
>>As a bit more meta analysis, I think we need to consider what DR mechanics have forced on Paladins; they are a martial guild focused on armor.

>>In the past, this has meant 'wear plate or go home', which has come to be 'wear all the armor or go home because TDP > all'. I think too much and not enough has been made of this. A barbarian is expected to use most/all weapons. They, as a guild, aren't defined by 'every barb is going to use a mattock, and the only people who use mattocks are going to be barbs'. Part of the 'problem' with Paladins in DR is that the main focus of the guild is exclusively passive. No other guild has this problem. Magic, weapons, survival, lore are all active things you do by punching a goblin, setting a goblin on fire, punching a book, or, I dunno what survival people do. Poop in the woods? Is that Rangers, or bears? Anyway.

>>The lore in DR is that the divine of the Paladin is somehow intrinsically different from the divine of a Cleric. How that differs I think is something the GMs need to decide. But I think more emphasis needs to be put on, as a whole, making armor skill set be fun and interesting, rather than just 'ok, slap on 5 different armors and a town gate and that's it for the rest of my life on the primary skill set'. We shouldn't focus exclusively on 'all paladins wear plate' any more than 'all paladins wear all 5 armors'.

Yes to all of that. Very much yes. You also hit a point I didn't bring up in my prior post, which is making the armor skill active for the Paladin.

>>Frankly, empaths are no longer restricted to be snuggly happy heal bots, and I think healing should be opened to the greater game in some fashion

The problem there is that Empaths have been expanded largely because healing has become more and more niche over the years and they still give up a great deal to be able to heal at all.

I don't think other guilds would like what we'd have to do to them to balance healing for them in the same way it's balanced for Empaths.

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