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Re: Outed! · on 2/1/2011 9:25:27 PM 1357
>>Gotcha. So while it's technically possible to have magic from both guilds for extended periods of time (at least for NPCs), the trade offs make it fairly undesirable.

The caveat I'll add here is that NPCs will do whatever NPCs need to be able to do to move the plot along.

Beyond that, yeah. Someone who converts doesn't immediately forget their magic, but it'd instantly become Sorcerous and trying to maintain it would come at a severe cost to actually being a Necromancer. In most cases it's simply not worth the trouble, and frankly it's usually better to not cross the thematic streams readily.

Though there are specific cases where stark incompatibilities happen:

Moon Mages turned Necromancer lose access to the Plane of Probability the very moment they convert.

Holy magicians that turn to the Dark Side would immediately lose their magic unless they take up a demonic patron.

Empaths don't become Necromancers. Those that try disappear.


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