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Optimizing Your Combat Experience · on 12/13/2013 04:15 PM CST 117
I wanted to post a similar sticky for Combat as I did for Magic


- Appraise your target. If it shows up as 'a harmless opponent' or easier, you're not going to learn very well from it. 'harmless' is where the difficulty starts to fall off.
- Getting yourself an advantage and dealing more damage will net you more experience as well.
- Make sure to keep your attack stance at 100 while attacking. Lowering your attack stance doesn't increase your experience.
- Buffs help! Higher attack scores let you hit for more damage (and more experience) as well as hit them before they hit you.


- Appraise your target. If it shows up as 'A less skilled opponent' or easier, you're probably not going to learn very well from it.
- Each skill learns individually. If you have 300 shield and 100 parry, going against something that trains your 100 parry well is not going to train your shield very well.
- Stances play a direct factor in your experience. If your Parry stance is 60%, you'll get 60% of the experience you would normally get by parrying with 100%.
- If all you're doing is defending / trying to learn defenses, stance your offense down to 0 and use those extra 20 stance points. You'll increase your survivability and the amount that you learn. Don't forget to stance back to attacking when you're done though.
- Buffs help! They increase your survivability without increasing your base ranks, which means you gain more experience.

This message was originally posted in Dragon Realms 3.1 Test \ Combat, by DR-SOCHARIS on the forums.