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Re: Necromancers and the Playing Environment · on 03/16/2015 9:08 AM CDT 10797
>>I think that I am a little confused about what you'd like to see happen. I think that, for the most part, characters do tend to just look the other way, and let necromancers run around doing whatever they do. It seems to me that players do get a bit OOC, but in a way opposite of what you are saying.

So, it's like this.

One of the most basic premises that DragonRealms players by and large get totally wrong is the separation of IC and OOC knowledge. I know the Hunger is never going to actually destroy Elanthia, but my character doesn't. I know my character is never going to die, but my character doesn't. I know Pureblade plays a Necromancer in Plat from his forums posts, but my character has never seen 'um.

A Necromancer's player, among good roleplayers, should be able to talk about and identify themselves in an OOC medium (like, say, the forums) without IC repercussion. Because your character doesn't know, even if you do.

The ACCUSE system isn't set up this way because it's impossible for me to write a system that reads your intentions. I err on the side of nuking Necromancers and have to hope that player discernment covers the gap I leave behind.

Recently an egregious case of IC/OOC break happened among what some players trusted to be excellent roleplayers. Because it happened in such a "safe" environment, the question has been broadly raised: are we, as a community, good enough roleplayers to do the decent thing?

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