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Necromancers, Consent, and you. · on 5/6/2009 1:31:27 AM 19
Yes, we're finally opening up the dreaded 'C'-word. You may now speak about it.

Here is what it's going to be:

1) Basically speaking, Necromancers will operate under current Consent policy.
2) Necromancer Risen are fair game to attack by anyone, regardless of the status of the Necromancer.

-) If you attack a Necromancer's Risen, the Necromancer has consent on you. Hope you don't pick Totenus's Risen by accident.
-) If a Necromancer kills you for attacking their Risen, consent is ended between the two of you. You may not then go after the Necromancer. If you win the conflict when the Necromancer attacks you, it's also over. The Necromancer doesn't get another shot. C'est la vie.

3) Some activities a Necro may partake in, in Town, can get them flagged Open for some period of time. These will be related to Social Outrage in some way, and smart Necromancers can avoid them. We like to punish stupid Necromancers.

-) ACCUSE NECROMANCER will not give consent to any party, Necromancer or otherwise.
-) No, we don't have specific details on what actions will flag you open. Yes, we will before they occur.

4) Additionally, Necromancers may not be PvP Closed. If you are squeamish about the prospect of player combat, apply elsewhere.

Both points 3 and 4 go into 1. Randomly ganking Necros isn't going to be an option for anyone, unless they want to allow that (Open stance). However, Necros are going to have slightly less leniency overall, by picking the Guild we are expecting that you acknowledge the potential for PvP interaction is higher than other guilds. However, you're still just being held at Guarded responsibility.


This message was originally posted in The Necromancers - Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-ZEYURN on the forums.