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Re:Neat. · on 04/22/2013 09:54 PM CDT 1369
Few things...

I'm likely going to keep mortars and pyramids working "mostly" as they do now. Likely I'll detect the new materials and handle them appropriately. Over time we'll phase out most/all of the old stuff like drying for making poisons and other stuff. This is the easiest way to not make this a career-ending project :P

Pyramid drying and mortar crushing for NEW materials will be an alchemy skillcheck and teach as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 (for the harder stuff). This is similar to tanning leather or cleaning bones or smelting ingots. A necessary, but easy process.

Pryamids on caravans, cambrinth pyramids and so on... those will all be updated to work correctly.

Plat isn't synched because I rolled this out yesterday and things generally sync around Thursday.

Metal catalysts are only useful in their raw forms. The heat from smelting usually causes them to denature and be unusable in alchemy.

Alchemy will have its own system for customizing each recipe. You'll be able to add multiple catalysts to get a specific ratio of potency (strength), efficacy (duration) and soluability (pulse rate, and how toxic it is).

This means you'll come up with options like...

5 pulses of strong heals taking 5 minutes, moderately toxic
15 pulses of weak heals taking 15 minutes, moderately toxic
5 pulses of strong heals taking 2 minutes, highly toxic
15 pulses of strong heals taking 5 minutes, melty-liver toxic

Toxicity will determine how often you can use herbs without suffering stat damage, and eventually internal organ wounds and death.

Anyhow, still a lot of work to do but its coming along.

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