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Re: Mentors · on 02/08/2014 07:26 AM CST 4004
>>My necromancer knows that something happened to thanatology, or empathy, or both.

No. It didn't. Not in any IC sense. We make mechanical changes all the time that should not be considered IC changes. Sometimes we use IC events to release them or write a justification after the fact, sometimes we don't.

The 3.0 release events related to magic itself changing since it was a sweeping change with massive consquences. It shouldn't be assumed a bunch of other things IC things happened to explain OOC changes.

>>I doubt anything earth-or elanthia-shattering is going to happen for 3.1; nonetheless, if my thief wakes up some morning discovering she all of a sudden knows something about magic, or able to learn about it, she'll probably figure one of the guildleaders managed to steal some information from one of the magic guilds and passed on the knowledge or something.

Thieves aren't going to know magic and the fact that their Khri are undergoing changes and will now be powered by the supernatural skill set is the same as the above situation. It's not a IC change, it's just a mechanical update.

>>I do hope the Traders get an IC event, but IC wise right now my trader knows nothing about it.

Traders are an entirely different situation from the above two - there is no preexisting lore of them using lunar magic nor preexisting abilities we're converting. Trader's using magic is going to be an entirely new thing with new lore introduced to support it.

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