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Meeting Empath and Cleric plan to defeat Lyras · on 3/13/2010 11:34:50 PM 1025
You see Handmaiden Amaldriel Anduwenahle, Chosen of Chadatru, a Human Cleric.

Amaldriel has an angular face, slightly pointed ears and thick-lashed gold eyes. Her honey-streaked amber hair is long and straight, and is worn tied back in an elegant chignon held in place by a golden haircomb. She has fair skin and a slender figure. She is young for a Human. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a blackened great helm adorned with a clawed lion's paw faceplate, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a simple phantom sapphire pendant dangling from a delicate silver chain, a pristine white greatcloak trimmed with tufted snowbeast fur and emblazoned with a rampant golden lion, an anloral lion pin, an elegant spidersilk backpack, a simply cut grey Elothean silk robe cinched with a twice-wrapped brocade sash, some gleaming silver plate etched with a charging lion, a cambrinth armband etched with a regal lion, a filigreed gold bracelet studded with frost opals and hung with tiny bells, some black gauntlets forged to resemble razor-sharp claws of a lion's paw, a braided silver and gold ring set with a sleeping cambrinth lioness and a pair of soft kidskin slippers with delicate crystal heels.

You see Guildleader Annael Ebeshalek, a Human Empath. Annael has violet eyes. Her black hair is very long and fine, and is worn coiled in an upswept twist. She has fair skin. She is elderly for a Human. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a golden empath earring that displays glowing hands gently clasping a small night-blue sapphire, some pearl grey silken robes that float lightly around the body, a scratched white gold band, a soft golden pouch and some slim black leather boots.

You see Khalo rae Moda Eksharo Telah'nohr, a Human Empath. Eksharo has blue-grey eyes. He has thinning snow-white hair, with rosy skin and a portly build. He is wizened for a Human. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a gold-rimmed monocle, a leather carrier, a grey wool vest, a stark white shirt, a diamond-cut gold fob with an onyx clasp, some crisply pressed pants and a pair of black boots.

You see Guildmaster Esuin Jaleven, a Human Cleric.

You cannot make out all of his features with the clothing he is wearing. He is in good shape.

He is holding a glowing Truffenyi orb in his right hand. He is wearing a deeply cowled monk's robe, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a tattered haversack, a well-worn harness bearing a faded design of a dragon with missing scales, a silver-edged dark spidersilk pouch

With amazing speed, Liurilias strikes Kadoshgonif in the throat with the edge of his flattened palm. Kadoshgonif clutches his throat, wheezing pathetically.

With amazing speed, Gridaksma strikes Arandrowse in the throat with the edge of his flattened palm. Arandrowse clutches his throat, wheezing pathetically.

With amazing speed, Blackavar strikes Athanasius in the throat with the edge of his flattened palm. Athanasius clutches his throat, wheezing pathetically.

Amaldriel says, "Greetings, everyone." Mahone says, "Thank you Fierus, it was a great help friend." Fieris says, "It was my pleasure." Mahone says, "I wish more would do that for us." Dermott asks, "Do what?" Kyrse softly says, "Of course... the meeting is late." Caelumia says to Eksharo, "Szrael wanted to meet you, so I pass along my greetings for her. She will be sad she missed this." Leucius says, "Meetings are supposed to be late, it's a rule." Esuin says, "Greetings, all." Kyrse softly says, "Hello." Talliska says to Esuin, "Greetings Guildleader Esuin." Leucius says, "Good day." Dermott says to Esuin, "Master Esuin." Valkri says, "Hello...sir." Alexsei says to Esuin, "A good day to you, Master Esuin." Amaldriel says, "Guildleader. Welcome, and thank you." Kyrse softly says, "It is good to see such an illusterous lady out and about." Esuin says to Patre, "More teaching." Patre exclaims, "Nuhuh!" Tsarenzi says to Patre, "That's what you get for asking at a bad time." Tsarenzi says to Patre, "Extra teaching requirements, just for you." Arourra says to Patre, "Always the teaching." Leucius says, "You should be used to that by now." Caelumia says, "I think... I know enough about teaching to qualify as a 150th circle Empath at this point." Forglok asks, "When is this meeting supposed to start?" Iskhhr says to Caelumia, "Laudable, for certain." Mikeale says to Valkri, "You look radiant." Blackavar says, "Teaching magic for anyone thats interested..." Caelumia says to Iskhhr, "Really? I'm trying to figure out where my life went wrong." Kyrse softly says, "It is up te Master Esuin and Mistress Annael." Fieris says to Caelumia, "It would not be in teaching I think." Amaldriel says, "We are beginning quite soon, so if you could please quiet down, it would be appreciated." Kyrse softly says, "Please silence or remove distracting things." Arandrowse calmly asks, "Would someone who is teaching targeting magic perhaps teach something else, there is now three targetted magics classes. Which I know is an important discipline but not the other discipline hopefully in destroying Lyras and her ilk?" Martyka says, "There are other classes." Arandrowse calmly says, "Two skinning, a swimming." Leucius says, "I'll listen to patience." Amaldriel says, "Everyone, please, settle down." Iskhhr says to Leucius, "That is a difficult subject to be taught." Leucius says, "I have my hopes." Amaldriel says, "Welcome, everyone." Arandrowse calmly says, "Sorry, these aren't very Lyras destroying... perhaps we've stumbled onto something. Does Lyras not like swimming, we can capsize her boat, and swim out and while she is floundering capture her and send her to the Red Spiral." Arandrowse calmly says, "Oh sorry." Amaldriel says, "As you are all likely very much aware, Lyras has again awoken." Zaeylor says, "You people need to remove your floaty things. Seriously." Mahone says, "Rub them." Amaldriel says, "She seems to have recovered fully from the Prince's assault, though it took her many months to do so." Amaldriel says, "She has sent her forces across the land, and is growing bold. The time to act is now." Amaldriel says, "In that regard, the Cleric guild has been collaborating with the Empath guild for some time, and we are now ready to put our plan into action." Zaeylor asks, "Okay...what do you propose we do?" Zaeylor says, "Sorry." Amaldriel says, "That is all right." Amaldriel says, "We will need the help of everyone. Before we can make an attack on Lyras herself, we need to strike down her two strongest minions, and keep them struck down." Phalena says, "A team each of clerics/paladins/empaths might work." Athanasius asks, "Does this plan apply the application of life magic? If so I would ask you, has the ranger guild been contacted?" Caelumia says to Athanasius, "Not quite. Let her finish." Xelten says, "To my knowledge, the Ranger leadership has not yet made a decision regarding this." Amaldriel says, "Just a moment. I am told we have spies here." Zaeylor asks, "Spies?" Caelumia says, "There's no one prominent I see." Amaldriel says, "Continuing on, then." Caelumia says, "The sapphire reveals no name I recognize." Dermott asks, "The...Sapphire?" Kyrse softly says, "Unfortunately a spie would not be prominent." Caelumia says to Dermott, "Garden's Vision." Amaldriel says, "Continuing on now." Exiar says to Kyrse, "I suppose that would help with the spying." Dermott says, "I see." Athanasius asks Valkri, "I'm sorry, did it appear I was addrssing you?" Caelumia says, "It would not matter what state of concealment they are in." Phalena says to Amaldriel, "None will harm you with so many here." Dermott says to Phalena, "'Harm' may not strictly be what worries her." Valkri says to Athanasius, "Helping you make a very simple observation." Amaldriel says, "When we draw Lyras from her hiding place, the Empaths will forcibly block off her link with the undead via a ritual." Shaydee says, "Thanks." Zaeylor says, "This sounds interesting." Amaldriel says, "While the empaths are doing this, we will raise her. As she is soulless, this will result in nothing more than a lifeless corpse, one that cannot return from the dead." Caelumia quietly says, "And for the third arrow..." Caelumia says, "Nothing." Kasrkyn says, "Old vision reference." Zaeylor asks, "Sounds intresting, but how would raising her be possible? Is there a ritual for that, as well?" Amaldriel says, "We will be drawing on the power of the Temple to do this." Zaeylor says, "Excellent." Mialeigh asks, "Will this drain the temple defenses?" Dermott says, "You mean, discharging the Temple's...yes." Kyrse softly asks, "Is there a way to increase the Temple's stored energies?" Amaldriel says, "Yes, but it will be worth it." Dermott mischievously says to Mialeigh, "Beat me to the punch." Esuin says, "It should be noted that, while we will be employing the temple's energy reserves, both rituals draw on forces beyond regular magic." Liurilias says, "I'm sure there will be time for questions after, please restrain yourselves and let them finish." Leucius says, "Seems it's time for offense instead of defense anyway." Esuin says, "I will explain our part, and Lady Annael will be more knowledgeable on the Empathic portion." Phalena says, "Has the paladin guild been contacted..due to our ability to raise holy mana." Esuin says to Phalena, "That sort of thing will be immensely useful for keeping the temple's energies up." Phalena says, "Will be done sir." Esuin says, "Experienced clerics among us should be familiar with rituals of cleansing via resurrection, in fact." Kadoshgonif asks, "Does she even 'ave a soul dat kin be raised? i thought dat kind din't. and will dat put the temple itself in jeopardy to drain it like dat?" Esuin says, "No, she does not have a soul." Liurilias says, "Please let them finish." Arandrowse calmly says, "I believe that is part of why it will work." Amaldriel says, "I mean no offense, but... If we destroy Lyras, having the temple overrun is a small price to pay." Esuin says, "And yes, that is why she will not be returning to life after the cleansing." Maelith says, "We've rebuilt it once...we can do it again." Athanasius says, "In this I agree, no amount of holy rock is so valuable that it could not be sacrified to defeat this worlds greatest evil." Esuin says, "We are going to shut down the Beacon during the rituals to provide extra energy, but the Shield should remain up." Alexsei quietly says, "Our people are stout and will make that last stand, if it means the end of Lyras." Esuin says, "The clerical portion of the ritual is very similar to that which we use for cleansing blood dryads and nyads." Esuin says, "Only on a massively grander scale." Dermott says, "Cleansing.." Esuin says, "Of course, it is unlikely that anything will be left behind after Lyras is cleansed." Dermott says, "How do we cleanse blood nyads and.." Amaldriel says, "Make no mistake, this is a rather desperate attempt. But we are fast running out of options." Silvwyn asks, "Lyras isn't exactly a dryad, though. How can you be certain it will work the same?" Esuin says to Dermott, "That is something you will later learn from Father Karjon." Zaeylor asks, "Do you anticipate that her undead army will just...cease to be animiated once these rituals are complete?" Kyrse softly says, "Please let us hear the rest of the plan." Esuin says, "Her personal Risen will likely be, but beyond that, our hope that the hordes will stop pouring from the west." Athanasius says, "This is perhaps a simple task but one that I would not consider below any magic user, should we be attempting to charge the orb while these rituals take place with the hopes of maintaining our protective sheild around the temple? There are many of us that are wanting in ability to kill the strongest minions." Esuin says, "Absolutely. We are going to be drawing large amounts of its energy. Such help would be crucial." Arthrun says, "Mindless undead are something we're used to by now. With no controlling force behind them and no way to reinforce their numbers, I'd imagine they'd just eventually be killed off. Again." Talliska says, "I was thinking that too.. Anyone with magic ability could help by keeping up the orbs energy, and the rest of us not empaths or clerics attempt to keep the minions at bay." Kyrse softly says, "Perhaps, with warmages and the like defending the temple, the shield could be completely dropped..." Arandrowse calmly says, "Could we here more of the plan, or is that it. I have a question of where Lyras would have to be. Though I don't want to cut you off from continuing your plan's outline." Fintrial says, "Stop asking so many damn questions and maybe they can finish explaining themselves." Esuin says, "As for Lyras not being a dryad... That is true, but nothing is ever certain with that abomination. We have spent a long time perfecting the ritual along with the Empaths, as most of you know." Mialeigh says, "Nod." Athanasius quietly says to Fintrial, "I appreciate your passion and frustration but please down't foul the air of this holy place with harsh and inapropirate words." Zaeylor says to Athanasius, "It would be prudent to be quiet." Zaeylor says, "Oh." Amaldriel says, "Everyone. Settle down, please." Asrea says, "Not here, not now. Please." Kougen says, "The quieter you are, the more you'll hear." Martyka says to Athanasius, "Dont even think about it." Esuin says, "As a one last note from myself, the timing is important. Lyras must be left without the protection of her generals and be struck down as soon as possible." Caelumia asks, "What do you plan on doing to nullify her generals? Simply kill them?" Amaldriel says, "I will return in a moment." Esuin says, "Yes. We have no plans for them beyond dealing with Lyras while they are incapacitated." Caelumia says, "And presumably that is what you need people like us for." Xelten asks Esuin, "Excuse me. Perhaps this is irrelevant, but does any of this address the supposed force which resides behind Lyras? That which allowed her to cross the barrier?" Caelumia says, "Lyras is the hole in the dam letting all the water in. If you kill her, you plug up the hole." Amaldriel says, "Let us do this in a more sensible fashion." Esuin says to Xelten, "It is our hope that the Empathic ritual will be able to suppress her link with the demon." Annael says, "If everyone works together and the attacks are timed perfectly, then we should be able to disrupt the connection that Lyras has with her generals. It is imparitive that everyone work together, quickly and efficiently. We will only have one chance at this." Mikeale asks, "What exactly are you askin us to do?" Esuin says to Xelten, "Which is the main thing allowing her to defend herself against holy forces." Heartsfyre says, "Thats what they are trying to tell us." Amaldriel says, "If you have a question, please join the list." Mikeale says, "Oh there's a list." Cristalyn says, "If you have something to say...or ask..." Xelten says to Esuin, "I was merely concerned about it... happening again." Caelumia says to Xelten, "It will not stop others from making new holes, but that is what the Inquisition is for." Caelumia says, "It will keep happening until there is no more plane of abiding or no more necromancers. Those here in contact with necromancers may want to keep that in mind. Not naming names or anything." Kadoshgonif asks, "Yes. my question is precisely the nature of our part as clerics. we just cast resureection normally, or should we attempt some other holy spell first?" Mikeale says, "Ewww." Kadoshgonif asks, "Such as soul bond? or is there a soul to bond?" Esuin says, "The ritual itself is going to be performed by us guildleaders from afar. We ask that you confront Lyras in battle or aid the temple cambrinth here." Amaldriel says, "To answer the other question, neither Lyras nor her generals have souls to bond. That is a known fact." Kyrse softly asks, "Could we not drop the Temple defenses completely and consolodate other here for defense of the city and Temple to allow the ritual more strength?" Esuin says, "I don't think Mother Tallis will allow that." Esuin says, "While the importance of the temple doesn't surpass that of defeating Lyras, we must protect the ritual while it is happening." Phalena asks, "Ok everyone seems to be focusing on lyras and her generals what about the trouble with the afan'f generals and his ilk?" Phalena says, "Adan'f." Amaldriel says, "That is something that will be dealt with when I return to Shard." Amaldriel says, "As far as I know, they have been hiding since Lyras appeared." Asurun says, "I think she means Xerasyth." Phalena says, "I can never remember his name." Xelten says, "Xerasyth... has not been an Adan'f for years." Amaldriel says, "Xerasyth isn't an Adan'f any longer. He is extremely evil and will be dealt with, but he's a lesser threat right now than Lyras is." Esuin says, "We can only hope that Xerasyth is still wounded enough from his...clash with Khurek that he will stay out of way this time." Iskhhr says to Amaldriel, "Lady Amaldriel. Regarding the nature of Lyras' position in order to enact this ritual." Iskhhr asks Amaldriel, "Is to be lured into our reach, and a trap sprung?" Amaldriel says, "We need to draw her out into the open, her and her generals. The exact specifics of where don't matter much." Iskhhr says to Amaldriel, "Will use be made of the provincial armies? Her forces are...considerable in number." Iskhhr says to Amaldriel, "So there is no limit existing to functional range on this ritual." Amaldriel says, "There is a limit, but it's fairly considerable. If you can get her in the province it's more likely to work." Caelumia asks, " Zoluren?" Esuin says to Iskhhr, "As the Beacon might tell, the temple can reach rather far." Amaldriel says, "Closer to the temple we stand in." Iskhhr asks Amaldriel, "Has the Ferdahl committed troops to this matter? Has any province?" Iskhhr says to Caelumia, "Forgive me. I spoke out of turn." Caelumia says to Iskhhr, "Finish." Iskhhr says to Amaldriel, "That was my primary question." Amaldriel says to Iskhhr, "The armies of every province are already stretched thin working to stave off the undead from devouring the population, as far as I am aware." Caelumia asks, "The other Seers here will know of what I speak as well, officials are doubtlessly aware of a vision that Moon Mages experienced a bit over a year ago, regarding three arrows?" Arandrowse calmly asks, "My next question is, we believe, that is the Ranger's Guild believes that there might be a chance we could capture some strong animals and train them to be hunters of the undead. If we flung ourselves into this task, it may be ready would this be a plausible plan to further defend, or allow the other temple's defenses to be focused on the defeat of Lyras?" Annael says, "Don't visions of this type come to pass fairly quickly? A vision a year old has already likely come to pass." Caelumia says, "The greater the gravity of the event, the further in the future we may see." Esuin says to Caelumia, "Mother Tallis must be aware, yes." Caelumia asks, "One aglow with divine fire, one radiating the light of the sun... these are symbols of the Clerics and Empaths, and your parts in this ritual. But have you taken into account the consequences of the third arrow?" Caelumia asks, "What stretch of Zoluren are you prepared to turn into a dead wasteland?" Xelten says to Arandrowse, "That is not precisely the perfect representation of the end result of the Guild discussion." Caelumia asks, "And... what will be done to stop this?" Iskhhr says to Caelumia, "Sicle Grove is already ravaged. It seems suitable, in my estimation." Caelumia says to Iskhhr, "It isn't dead in the same way." Zaeylor asks, "What is this third arrow you keep mentioning?" Iskhhr says to Caelumia, "What must be done must be done." Caelumia says, "A...poisoned arrow. Similar in form to the arrow that symbolizes the Empaths. But the poison kills not just Lyras, but everything around her." Malzard says to Zaeylor, "It delivered the final blow to Lyras, and with it, corruption." Zaeylor says, "Thanks. Sorry to interrupt." Caelumia says, "Even the wind is dead in the wake of this." Caelumia says, "Ravaged, violated." Caelumia says, "This must be stopped or...contained, somehow." Iskhhr says to Caelumia, "There is always sacrifice." Esuin says, "I'm sure Moon Mage counsel was considered, but our ritual consists of two parts only. It will work." Fintrial asks Esuin, "And if it doesn't?" Esuin says to Caelumia, "What you are describing sounds like the demon manifesting again. That can't be allowed." Caelumia says to Esuin, "Not as I have seen things." Amaldriel says to Fintrial, " Then we are doomed." Caelumia says to Esuin, "I think it is clear what and who this arrow symbolizes. I do not know how or what they will do, but..." Caelumia says, "It will be terribly damaging." Caelumia says, "I... hope you are right, and that our vision does not come to pass as we have seen it." Amaldriel says, "If a third guild wishes to get involved, they will likely not be using literal poison. This most likely points to war mages or rangers, who will do the actual killing." Esuin says, "There is no guaranteed anti-Lyras weapon that has been tried before. We can only develop and strike with new weapons. The joint ritual between Clerics and Empaths, previously never tried, is our weapon." Amaldriel says, "Let us move on." Maelith says, "From what I am understanding for this ritual to work Lyras has to be struck down..." Athanasius quietly says, "We are never doomed as long as there are those willing to stand before evil even if it means our deaths. If the clerics and empaths fail the rangers will continue to fight in tree with the very rocks aiding our battle." Maelith says, "As we all know she just doesn't lie there and take her beating." Amaldriel says, "Everyone, please, if you have something to add, join the list." Shaydee asks, "They fight tree's?" Maelith asks, "How do you plan to keep her down?" Amaldriel says to Maelith, "This is why we require hre generals to be dead. It's been shown that they 'repair' each other using necromancy." Esuin says, "That is also why the timing is important. Preferably, the Empathic ritual should strike as soon as she is 'dead'." Maelith says, "I hope you all can work fast..." Amaldriel says, "That is the plan." Maelith asks, "How long are these rituals going to take to prepare?" Maelith asks, "Are you expecting us to run around and poke at each other during a fight waiting?" Annael says, "We believe that we have found the way to disrupt the connection that they all share and use to repair each other. This is why it is so important to work together efficiently. We need them all dead at the same time." Shaydee says to Maelith, "There is a list for that." Amaldriel says, "We will be ready the moment we is struck down." Tropicalo says, "Thats not asking to much." Maelith says, "And it is my turn.." Amaldriel says to Shaydee, "It's still her turn." Esuin says, "The rituals are ready, only requiring the presence of the guildleaders at the right time." Arandrowse calmly says, "I would first like to say, sorry for my few interruptions. I hope you have fully outlined your plan. My first question, and sorry I have a few. Is are we seeking Lyras out, or are we seeking Lyras to come to us." Amaldriel says, "We need her out of hiding, out of her warcamp." Arandrowse calmly says, "I think what I really want to know is should she be in the temple." Amaldriel says, "Not in the temple, no. Not inside a city, either." Arandrowse calmly says, "Here." Arandrowse calmly says, "Away from the sanctuary of her Warcamp, but out of our cities." Amaldriel says, "Yes, exactly." Mordibar asks, "You've mentioned that the Cleric guildleaders will be performing the holy ritual. Is it fair to assume that it will only be the Empath guildleaders needed for the empath side of ritual?" Iskhhr says, "You will need a location in which she can be easily surrounded or contained." Annael says, "Actually, K'eksharo will be performing the ritual. I will be here with you, friends, charging these orbs with all I have." Mordibar says, "I ask because Empaths will be needed everywhere, her Generals do get around." Esuin says, "The two rituals will be separate, but drawing from the same source and complementing each other." Tropicalo says, "We wont be much good without Triage." Mordibar says, "I'll just plan on being ready to move quickly I suppose, to where I'm needed." Alexsei says to Tropicalo, "We shall take care of this part." Xelten asks, "Pardon. I hope that this inquiry does not detract from the discussion via irrelevance, and my apologies if so, but as I appear to be the senior Ranger present, it falls to my voice. I am uncertain what conversations have already been held between your respective Guilds and that of the Rangers. However, in discussion with Grandmaster Paglar, he implied that the Guild council was to discuss what assistance the Rangers could provide in ensuring that this strike, likely our best and only opportunity for victory, is effective. Is there anything that you would request of the Guild which I may relay to the council on your behalf, or otherwise has an accord already been reached?" Amaldriel says, "This is not exactly a diplomatic situation, Xelten. It is a desperate one. As for what we need the rangers to do, we need you to assist in killing Lyras and her generals." Amaldriel says, "That goes for all others, those who are not assisting the fight, we need you to be in the temple, protecting those performing the ritual." Xelten says, "That will leave our options quite open, then. Thank you." Martyka says, "Hello." Amaldriel says, "Greetings." Martyka says, "I was wondering, how you plan to draw Lyras out of her warcamp? She seems to be content to stay safely within its confines and allow her generals to do her dirty work." Martyka asks, "How will you get them all out at once?" Martyka says, "It seems someone is always at the warcamp." Amaldriel says, "This is very true, yes. However, a sizeable force of people, a large gathering, should be enough." Annael says, "Perhaps she will be convinced her presence is required, if you take down her generals a time or two." Martyka says, "But they have been." Amaldriel says, "Remember that she is trying to finish us all off once and for all." Martyka says, "Several times." Iskhhr says to Annael, "This has been done." Martyka says, "She has them gated back to her at teh war camp." Fieris says, "I have noticed a...lapse in time between their death to their departure. This time is typically between 3 and 7 rois." Martyka says, "Has anyone ever seen all three out of the warcamp at once? I never have." Amaldriel says, "I have once. When Vorclaf attacked." Amaldriel says, "We may have to do something extreme to accomplish this, but we will find a way." Martyka says, "Please dont get me wrong, it sounds like you have put a lot of thought and planning into this." Kyrse softly says, "We have to provide them a tempting target...." Martyka says, "However ... if it relies on her actually coming out of her warcamp, we may be waiting a while." Amaldriel says, "We have some ideas. We will try them until one works." Martyka asks, "Is there something we can do thats a bit mor eproactive then waiting for her to make her move?" Iskhhr says, "Perhaps it would be best to reflect on a guranteed method." Amaldriel says, "Strike down her generals as much as possible." Martyka asks, "Is there bait to entic her from her hole?" Martyka asks, "The mouse to cheese perhaps?" Tropicalo asks, "When exactly will all this be taking place?" Esuin says to Martyka, "She does seem to respond to large organized attacks, but I don't know." Amaldriel says, "In a little over three days." Schvartzgonif asks, "That was exactly my question. if we mice intend on belling the cat, who or what will be the bait?" Rumael says, "The temple is the best bait and once she knows we are risking it she wont be able to resist." Vahlissa says, "First of all I want to acknowledge the efforts that you have made to come to this decision. I am sure you have consulted with every resource possible but I am confused about one thing." Vahlissa says, "I don't understand why you have not taken advantage of the forsight a seer can offer. Why haven't you consulted with one of the moon mage guild leaders? We could use all the help we can get. Having an advantage in regards to a glimpse in the future would not be a bad thing at all. Or at the very least a possible future." Esuin says, "Rest assured that Mother Tallis does consult with the Moon Mages." Annael says, "With all due respect, we can't afford to wait for the Seers to interpret their visions." Vahlissa asks, "Wait?" Vahlissa says, "You assume." Esuin says, "However, I'm sure you can understand that we are not going to give any serious thought to mysterious 'third' arrows, with the heinous implications that some seers attach to them." Iskhhr matter-of-factly says to Esuin, "Denying a potential reality does not make it vanish." Dermott says, "I, too, am curious about this. Seers visions, in my experience, are not often incorrect." Vahlissa says, "We already know .." Vahlissa says, "We already know what Mr. Book has tried to achieve in gathering those like him." Iskhhr says to Esuin, "A wise general considers all possible occurrences in warfare, however distasteful." Vahlissa says, "They see Lyras as a threat just as much as I. If we fail.. if something goes wrong and he steps in.." Vahlissa says, "I shudder to think." Esuin says to Iskhhr, "There are things not open to discussion." Kyrse softly asks, "The clerics and the empaths and perservation and the means to ending this war I understand, and the rest of us will provide the lure to draw Lyras and her generals from their protection. That being said we are the hammer, and we need to be able to get it rapidly in place to strike at Lyras so that she might be enticed to act rashly, have the Moon Mages been contacted for mass transport options and exactly how will we transport the wounded and dead back to triage?" Esuin says to Iskhhr, "The place which Moon Mages touch is called the Plane of Probability for a reason. We cannot plan according to every horror they see." Iskhhr says to Esuin, "I am suggesting the possibility of interference, not willful collusion. But as I see your mind is set, my continued speech will mean nothing." Esuin says, "We haven't done work on the logistics of the battle, no. I do hope that our Paladins and other warriors will be up to the task." Amaldriel says, "This is likely something to figure out among the adventurers. I hope the moons cooperate." Kyrse softly asks, "Might we have a meeting with the war-fighting leaders to arrange it soon?" Amaldriel says, "We are having a meeting now." Amaldriel says, "I do not know if the lot of you realize this, but Lyras has already slaughtered a full third of the population of the five provinces and added them to her armies. In the past two week she has devastated the trade routes and is moving in on the cities as we speak." Amaldriel says, "We cannot wait any longer." Alexsei quietly says, "Obviously, this will be the time for us all to step up and organize our effort ourselves, while the guildleaders focus on the intricacies of the ritual." Kyrse softly asks, "So when is the attack?" Amaldriel says, "In a little more than three days." Amaldriel says, "It will be on the calendar." Kyrse softly says, "Destruction is my domain I have no more questions." Amaldriel says, "To be more precise, about 40 anlas. We need time to prepare, or we would begin the attack immediately." Asrea asks Annael, "When I have spoken with you in the past about the undead you mentioned empaths long ago that have used forgotten methods to battle this plague. Would there be any connection recently uncovered in relation to this new plan to defeat Lyras with empathic battles long forgotten that could possibly merit further study?" Annael says to Asrea, "We always strive to learn and uncover forgotten knowledge. This is no different." Asrea asks Annael, "Is this a trial and error type of situation or has something been recently found to help remove Lyras's threat?" Eksharo says, "Everything about this is trial and error. We have no idea if its going to work or not, but we must try." Caelumia says, "Good point actually. It would be... prudent to mention that her generals only wear jadeite gweths, that we have seen. When the time comes, please take yours off." Schvartzgonif asks, "My question is this. when we fought sorrow. he had a weakness. he wanted more power, which was contained in a book which was suitable "bait" How or what can we use to stop someone who has connections she has to this horrible entity the moon mages have seen in their visions?" Schvartzgonif asks, "How do we bait the trap?" Asrea asks Annael, "Is this a trial and error type of situation or has something been recently found to help remove Lyras's threat?" Eksharo says, "Everything about this is trial and error. We have no idea if its going to work or not, but we must try." Caelumia says, "Good point actually. It would be... prudent to mention that her generals only wear jadeite gweths, that we have seen. When the time comes, please take yours off." Asrea says to Eksharo, "I agree." Asrea says to Eksharo, "I hope it works." Amaldriel says, "I believe we already answered this question." Schvartzgonif asks, "What would she possibly want?" Schvartzgonif asks, "Taht she doens't have alreday?" Tropicalo says, "Big group of people, lots of souls and dead people to feed on." Amaldriel asks, "Do you have a different question?" Kasrkyn says, "Lots of living people she can make into non-living people." Schvartzgonif asks, "Wouldn't that be whats here now?" Mikeale asks, "The demise of this temple?" Rumael says, "And the temples defences weaked as part of the ritual." Mordibar says, "She can't get pass the barrier." Amaldriel says, "Let's move on from this. You can discuss various ways to lure her out after the meeting." Mordibar says, "She wants the destruction of everything. Every Living Thing." Schvartzgonif asks, "So we just go to some random point?" Amaldriel says, "We will try them until one works." Schvartzgonif asks, "And expect her to show up?" Schvartzgonif says, "I know much thought, but we need strategy." Shaydee says, "What I need more than anything is a beer." Amaldriel says, "Ask Jairem." Martyka says, "I feel like im missing half the conversation." Alary says, "I've scribbled something on this rock." Jaelia says to Martyka, "She is under a vow to not speak. It is necessary to join the House." Amaldriel says, "She is asking if Meraud's Avatar was what Lyras feared enough to empty her warcamp." Mikeale asks, "What house?" Martyka says, "Great question." Amaldriel says, "She asks if it's possible to beseech Meraud to aid us again." Mikeale says, "I beseech the Gods daily for aide." Mikeale asks, "Does it help?" Annikki says, "Yes." Mikeale says, "Oh wait list." Balthizahr says, "May if a group joined together and asked in mass it might be different." Esuin says to Takaeda, "We beseech the gods every roisan of the day, as should everyone. But it is not wise to expect direct divine interventions all the time. We have had two already." Martyka says to Kyrse, "Thats blasphemy." Dermott asks Esuin, "Yet surely the Immortals would take a vested interest in the continued existence of this plane?" Esuin says, "Dermo Of course they do. We don't know what kind of battles are happening beyond our ken." Heartsfyre asks, "As an Empath, I am more interested in the ritual and how i may be of use to help cast it on Lyras for the war effort. Or is it specifically the Guild Leaders who may cast it upon Lyras?" Annael says, "K'eksharo will be performing the ritual." Annael says, "You will be most helpful by either helping those fighting, or helping here with the orbs." Heartsfyre says, "I shall more then likely be on the warfront. .. but thank you tis all i needed to know." Karsite asks, "What would be done to the body of Lyras if she is successfully raised. Is there any worry that the supposed demon that supplies her with her power could benefit from Lyras even in her defeat? Could it still use her body and could we properly sanctify it or destroy it to prevent as much?" Esuin says, "Considering that Lyras is, by now, nothing but wholly evil, there should be nothing left of her once the evil is cleansed." Esuin says, "The resurrection will be spontaneous with the destruction." Talliska says, "Thank you Handmaiden, Khalo, Guildleaders." Talliska says, "I just wanted to mention that a couple anlas before the scheduled time for this plan, the Order of the White Rose has its temple orb charging already scheduled on the calendar." Talliska says, "I figure that while we charge the orb in preparation, we could also use this time period as a meeting to finalize coordinating our war plan. All of us--that means not just OWR, or Zoluren, but leaders from all provinces, guilds and organizations." Talliska says, "I thought I'd just put that out there for everyone as an invitation. Thank you." Jaelia asks, "I apologize if any of these questions have already beek asked as I have arrived a little late. Please forgive me. If it has already been answered, just tell me. My question is fast but four fold. One - Which Immortal Aspects have given us this plan. Two, What will it take to get the other Immortal Aspects involved. Are our current Vigils and Prayers and Devitions Not enough, must we do more. Three, what of the Dark that must work with the Light? Are we speaking only of our own Dark and Light Immortals? And finally, even if we destroy Lyras, what if the Hunger that she is merely a puppet of?" Iskhhr says to Jaelia, "The Thirteen do not write their will wholesale in such fashion." Jaelia says to Iskhhr, "I do not want to cause a debate, just the answers of those giving us this plan." Esuin says, "Firstly, keep in mind that we are doing this as mortals." Jaelia says, "I trust they have been sent specific messages." Esuin says, "We have the gods with us, but ultimately it is up to us to defeat this evil." Esuin says, "We are not beseeching a single Immortal for this battle. We are beseeching all of them. Dark or light, as you said." Jaelia asks, "So ... am I to understand this plan is not so much a Vision from the Immortals, but based on research from insights given to us by them, yes?" Esuin says, "The concept of a joint ritual between Clerics and Empaths was a revelation to Mother Tallis in the first place." Esuin says, "So yes, the gods are aiding us in every step with their own ways." Esuin says, "So yes, the gods are aiding us in every step with their own ways." Esuin says, "As for destroying the hunger... Demons are, by definition, immortal. Remember Maelshyve." Jaelia says, "I do understand this." Esuin says, "The best we can do is try and preserve the barriers of our own plane." Jaelia says, "Lyras first, the rest later. I do understand." Kyrse softly says, "I understand that the clerics have a plan of cleansing her? But is there a back-up plan in case it fails, because I have idea to drag Lyras to her permanent death as well..." Shaydee says, "Hi."

Kyrse softly exclaims, "Sorry did not mean to do that!"

Shaydee says, "Ok I just wanna know is any of this gunna effect the up coming ball? Cuz I have a date and I'd sure hate the end of the world to happen right before I get a chance to dress up."

Ysselt turns deathly pale, and collapses limply across the ground, shuddering and moaning until she ceases all movement.

* Ysselt was just struck down!
* Ysselt is slain before your eyes!!

Shaydee says, "Always so dramatic."

Martyka says, "Oh she faked it." Arandrowse calmly asks, "How did that happen?" Dermott says, "She's a Bard." Iskhhr says to Arandrowse, "Bardic artistry." Esuin says to Amaldriel, "Move on, please." Qij says, "Hehehehe "artistry"...." Amaldriel says, "Sorry. Time is taking its toll." Zaeylor says, "Well, I must be off. Thank you Esuin, Handmaiden and Khalo. Annael, always a pleasure to talk to you. Thanks to all of you for holding this meeting." Amaldriel says, "If anyone wants to join the questions list, do so now. I am closing the list." Amaldriel asks Kyrse, "You had a question?" Kyrse softly says, "I understand that the clerics have a plan of cleansing her? But is there a back-up plan in case it fails, because I have idea to drag Lyras to her permanent death as well... And sorry about speaking out of turn last time, it seems I got out of me mind." Esuin says, "No, one plan at a time." Esuin says, "This is the best we have for the time being." Dermott says, "Contingencies are always wise." Martyka says, "I know this is going to be unpopular, and probably heretic in some of your opinions, but did anyone consult the Claw of Tenemlor. They have what, maybe thirty years of dealing with the barrier and keeping her behind the it." Amaldriel says, "The Claw of Tenemlor has not been seen in some time now." Martyka says, "If anyone knows Lyras and what her weakness may be, I would think its members of the Claw." Dermott asks, "Please brief me on who the Claw of Tenemlor is?" Esuin says, "We would welcome all help, but no, we have never been approached by them or had the chance to do so ourselves." Dermott says, "I know we have a spell named after her. Or, well..almost." Annael says, "Considering their proficiency at the task when it was in their hands, I think its best we try something else for now." Martyka asks, "That is disheartening. I am not sure how to contact them, but perhaps some of my kinsmen do?" Martyka says, "That was a little harsh, i mean they did keep her behind the barrier, on their own for thirty years." Annikki says, "So, if I understand this all right, and please for give me if this was all handled before, the body will be destroyed by the ritual that cleanses it and that ritual is what would normally raise a person with a soul. So there is no danger that the demon will just come in and possess and animale an empty body." Kyrse softly says, "Whis talliska It would require someones great personal sacrifice te do, but she has no soul, so if a cleric melded theirs with her it would essentially force her to borrow theirs, then we slay both forcing them to walk the Sarry Road." Esuin says, "More or less." Annikki asks, "And by charging the orbs here we will help the ritual be more effective?" Amaldriel says, "Yes, charging the orbs will be very helpful." Annikki says, "I'm pretty confused about the rest to be honest." Khaoz asks, "Charge orb or kill zombies, generals or Lyras, How is this hard?" Annikki says, "It's been hard to follow, but I think that's about all I needed to know." Amaldriel says, "I believe that was all the questions." Amaldriel says, "Remember, everyone. Be diligent and strong. The darkness will not last

Amaldriel stumbles a bit, looking rather tired.

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