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Re: Kura-Silma · on 11/28/2009 4:45:31 PM 399
>>How much divine outrage you get per spell cast, if it differs per school, exactly how decay works, etc?

Divine Outrage for spellcasting works a bit oddly, but to your benefit.

First off, there's three ways a spell can give you Divine Outrage.

1: Being in the Animation spellbook.
2: Being in the Transcendental Necromancy spellbook.
3: Being an especially nasty spell.

When speaking of this mechanic in the fiction, we refer to a spell that triggers any of these conditions as "evil spells."

For conditions #1 and #2, after you cast your first spell from that spellbook, you do not gain any more Outrage for doing so in the next five minutes. Cast Butcher's Eye and you can cast any other Transcendental spell for the next five minutes without pissing the gods off further. Animation and Transcendental Necromancy are tracked seperately for this (casting Quicken the Earth and Butcher's Eye back to back are two hits, casting Butcher's Eye and Kura-Silma back to back is one).

#3 can vary on a spell by spell basis, but will usually give you a hit every single time it's cast, in addition to any Outrage gained from the first two categories. Also note that spells outside those two spellbooks can be flagged as evil, but usually aren't.

Also bear in mind that spells that require the Transference link will also get nailed by Outrage for doing Thanatology, in addition to the spell based Outrage. Thanatology Outrage accrues per ritual performed.

We'll be monitoring Outrage numbers pretty closely after release and likely tweaking them extensively. This has been the hardest part of all to balance and will benefit from having a number of people playing with the system.


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