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Re: I wonder · on 03/25/2015 04:28 PM CDT 3288
I appreciate the cooler reply.

To clarify my statements about this not being the right way to about getting a positive response it was entirely about the tone - not the forum.

I will say that Paladins have gotten a little bit more than you're giving them credit for in the last few years. Game wide changes and minor tweaks aside (Which include completely rewriting a number of Paladin spells post 3.0) I've personally written three new Paladin spells (Veteran Insight, Rebuke and Aspirant's Aegis) and have another in the wings mostly finished (Sidasas Sedra - a sacrifice TM spell). I dusted it off the other day after another Naohhi knocked out some messaging for it - though revisiting it about a year after I wrote the core mechanics I'm not entirely happy with how it works so I overhauled it last week and just need to review and drop in the new damage messaging before it'll be ready for test.

Off the top of my head, Vessel of Salvation was also released during that time by Armifer and Crusader's Challenge (Though that existed in a different form pre3.0 IIRC) by Ricinus.


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