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Hhsuna? S'kra crest "issues" resolved? · on 11/16/2020 20:34 6960
>>PRISONMOUSE: With Hhsuna coming to do feature "alterations" namely the s'kra crest, I'm going to guess the staff issue with crests has been resolved?

For this specific merchant (Hhsuna), yes. Other merchants, even ones who work on features or feature mirrors, may still be unable to alter S'Kra head crests.

>>Since this is a recent change, is there any way to get an idea as to what can be done? I for one if selected do not want to waste the GMs time bantering back and forth if I can walk in with a better idea what will be allowed.

Design-wise, keep in mind that the crest slot has some hard-coded text around it, so the feature will need to make sense when immediately followed by the words "which follows the shape of your skull." (For example, there is a GMPC with "a membranous, fin-like crest which follows the shape of his skull.")

In general, characteristics that would be natural for S'Kra Mur skin/scales could conceivably be incorporated in crests as well.

Some other guidelines:

  • It must remain a "crest."
  • nothing that suggests a fresh injury (wounds heal)
  • no dead/rotting flesh
  • no feathers or hair
  • no tattoos or brands (scars are OK)
  • no incorporating items, non-biological matter (such as metal), or non-living biological matter
  • no magical properties (e.g., emitting light or shifting colors)
  • no motion or sound

All other feature alteration rules apply:

Some things will be decided on a case-by-case basis as players request them. If any additional rules (besides the ones listed above) are decided during the session, I will post them in the S'Kra Mur section of the forum.

>>I am going to guess the s'kra in question needs to have a crest already shifted into place?

Ideally yes.

The lore of how this works is that Hhsuna is a S'Kra Mur Empath with advanced knowledge of empathic shifting. If your character is someone who cannot be empathically shifted, be prepared to have your crest altered the non-magical way (with surgery and a head wound to heal).

GM Cordulia

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia / Hollow Eve Festival, by DR-CORDULIA on the forums.