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Gems, Metals and Fabrics, Oh My! · on 11/7/2010 2:05:03 PM 293
Hey all,

As we've had a few requests for it, here's a mostly complete list of the new materials. I've broken this down into gems, metals and cloths.


Tyrium -- This is an alloy that boasts a deep purple coloration, low malleability, and ductility. It's denser than steel and rather difficult to find.

Haralun -- Meaning 'black rock' in gamgweth, this is a very dense metal, dark metal typically used in heavier blunt weapons where weight is an asset.

Audrualm - This is a bluish-grey metal that has a rather unremarkable look but an ability to give edges an uncanny razor-sharp edge or point, though it's typically too rare for larger weapons. Use in jewelry is considered an ostensious waste because it has an unremarkable look.

Orichalcum -- A reddish gold metal that's about the softness of platinum. Typically used in jewelry. It's too soft to hold an edge, but is often used to make filigree for weapons as it holds enchantments well.

Niello -- A brittle black metallic alloy of sulver, copper, silver and lead, niello is extremely soft and pours easily when melted. This metal is typically used to add embellishments, or to make embossments and engravings stand out.

Darkstone -- This blackish metal is ideal for weapons and armor, and hardens to almost a stone-like consistency when worked into weapons or armor. Sometimes sold as 'dark steel' to minimize association with Dirge, its true name is beginning to gain popularity again.


Katamba's Spire -- This is a dark grey quill of a rare plant, transformed to a striking opaque crystal.

Hav'roth's Ambrosia -- A rose-shaped amalgram of multiple insects petrified together.

Shrike's Eye Sapphire -- A spherical stone of the darkest black. If viewed at precisely midnight beneath the stars, an ice-green pinpoint resembling a pupil will be visible in its center.

Night Diamonds -- Night diamonds are a midnight purple hue and filled with countless tiny specks of silver, visible only in dim lighting, that are unaffected by the cut of the gem.

Haze Sapphires -- Haze sapphires are a muted blue and under close scrutiny will reveal faint grey swirls that seem to drift through the inner structure of the gem and vary in concentration. Skeptics claim this effect is a simple trick of the light while the more superstitious claim the swirls are souls imprisoned by Huldah.

Cloud Rubies -- Cloud rubies are a deep reddish-purple hue and are best inspected in subdued lighting, such as an overcast day.

Gloamstone -- A deep purple rock similar to marble, frequently streaked with black or dark grey impurities.

Pitch Pearls -- Pitch pearls are a dull black and never show even a hint of color, regardless of lighting conditions. Legend claims that objects left by a pitch pearl for extended periods of time will become dull and slowly fade to grayscale.


Duchess Satin -- Shiny, heavy and luxurious. It is known for its smooth texture and elegant low-gloss sheen. It has a very high thread count that makes it stiffer, fuller, heavier and less likely to wrinkle then an ordinary silk.

Elven Snowlace -- Snowlace gets its name from the fiber used to make the lace, which is spun from the hair of snowbeasts, a technique created by the Mountain Elves. The thread is very fine and difficult to work with but creates a lace that is durable despite its extremely delicate appearance.

Shadesatin -- This is a weaving technique that uses silk threads to create a smooth finish and high gloss sheen.

Oceanmist Satin -- Created from sheets of kelp slowly cured in a special manner. Is glossy and exceptionally soft to the touch.

Bluefire Velvet -- This is a weaving technique where very fine blue and silver metallic threads are used in the fabric's warp to cause blue lightning to run across its surface when the light hits it.

Bloodlace -- This lace has a silvery sheen that remains no matter what color it's dyed, and is delicate to the touch. It gets its name from its curing technique, which involves soaking it in blood to improve its texture.

Lava samite -- A weave technique, yellow and red gold metal threads used in the warp to give it the appearance of streams of molten lava.

Starlight Velvet -- Minuscule diamond chips are worked into the silk threads during the weaving process. When the light hits the fabric just right, the gems reflection causes an illusion resembling glittering stars on a moonlit night.


Gloomwood -- A purple-tinged, stony ebonwood.

Mistglass -- A malleable, translucent material with a hazy sheen to it, making it look almost ghostly when made properly. Moderately strong. It comes in several colors ranging from blue to white, with white being the rarest and expensive.

Uwresari's Gems -- These are somewhat opaque gems that are structurally similar to quartz and change color in response to the planets, seasons, moons and some other factors, depending on which gem it is. These include: Elanthite, Yavasite, Xibarite, Katambite, Grazhite, Verenite, Estrildite, Durgauldite, Yoakenite, Penhetite, Szeldite, Merewaldite, Ismenite, Morleenite, Amlothite, Dawgolite and Er'qutrite.


-GM Abasha

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