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Somewhat opaque, similar to quartz, Grazhite is known for its dynamically shifting hues, ranging from ash grey deeply marred by fissures to a pristine white, that reflect the current intensity of Grazhir's mana, though how that can be so would be a question for a Moon Mage.

Colors: White with hairline fractures, pristine white, ash grey with deep fissures, ?

This material must be provided for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
GrazhiteBig Box o' GemsAsh grey moonspun silk pouch cinched with a tri-color cordBrown brocatelle belt pouchHollow Eve Festival 403/AuctionTreasure map/Prizestrue
Heavy cambrinth wristcuff embedded with slivers of white grazhite finely webbed with cracksDrathrok's Duskruin 430/Auctiontrue
Hiromin-eyed leviathan sculpted from grazhiteHollow Eve Festival 436/Auctiontrue

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