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Re: Exp from Cleric and Paladin cyclics · on 12/14/2013 04:21 PM CST 202
>>it's not so much a bell curve, more a ramp up then an abrupt cliff of experience

It's literally a basic linear representation of a bell curve. You have 2 pulses of nothing, 4 pulses of ramp-up, 5 pulses at max, and then 4 pulses of ramp-down.

Ending up at 10/34 for 15 pulses of a cyclic seems pretty reasonable, especially considering you can do other things while you're running the cyclic. It's not as incredible as it was before but you can do anything else you want while you're getting that experience.

>>So, 10 minutes to lock up Augment. Moonies need what, 7 magics to circle?

And basically nothing else... Moon mages need to spend a lot of time training magic, and some of them train for free while you're training other ones. You can move arcana and attunement alongside PM and whatever spell you're training if you use harnessed mana AND cambrinth mana.

>>I harness the mana, then funnel it into the cambrinth, shouldn't it teach somewhat better?

Technically, you're not harnessing it first, I think you're just guiding/channeling the magic into the cambrinth (My magic theory is a little weak here). If you use portions of harnessed mana AND cambrinth mana in your casts, you'll see attunement move MUCH faster. The experience from Attunement comes from weaving it into spell matrices, not into batteries.

>>Capped PoM (600 mana cast)

Don't use rituals for training. They'll hurt your mana pool more than it's worth I think. I'm also REALLY curious how you capped PoM with your ranks, it should be stopping you closer to 550. Might be a bug with rituals.

>>Capped SAP Aug (100 mana cast)

SAP is going to stop teaching well around 700 ranks, which you're not at but you're getting closeish to. You're definitely starting to hit the diminishing returns on it. I'd move up to something that's not an intro spell since you're, you know, over 100th circle.

This message was originally posted in Dragon Realms 3.1 Test \ Magic, by DR-SOCHARIS on the forums.