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Re: Elementalism (skill name) · on 1/5/2011 2:04:24 PM 17020
>>Is there a big difference in the skills that are required for a Warrior Mage to summon a planar elemental being, a Moon Mage to summon a Shadow Servant and an Empath to summon an Alfar Avenger? Just curious what makes Warrior Mage summoning so different and why summoning was chosen to be this guild's unique skill.

Warrior Mage summoning is distinct for two reasons.

1) It's not conceived to be "magic" in the technical sense of the term. It's not an exercise of mana and Attunement, Warrior Mages have some other sort of arrangement with the Elemental Planes that allows them to pull entities through.

2) Warrior Mages are, in the current scheme of things (a scheme I'll grant may change before it's done) slated to be one of three guilds with a robust pet system (Necromancers, Rangers, Warrior Mages). Things like the Moon Mage and Empath summons will remain, but as they currently exist: glorified spells with legs.

>>Does this have something to do with our weapon creation spells not being listed? It was mentioned that there were plans that sounded really cool, and I can definitely see those fitting in with the planar summoning scheme.

No. They're not listed because the exact layout of them is still nebulous (and will be nebulous right up until they're released).

Screwing with the planes is never a particularly "clean" thing, and a Warrior Mage isn't going to be so masterful that they can summon something as safe and non-volatile as "a fire sword." That's what magic is for.

>>Maybe as a base creature, but I'm curious if we'd be able to buff a familiar.

Probably not. Only Necromancers are going to go deeply into combat pets. For everyone else, we're sticking with the scheme we already laid out: pet as a vehicle for a Cyclic TM DoT spell.


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