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Re: Duskruin and Revenant Fang Material Descriptions · on 05/25/2017 10:01 AM CDT 9734
-- Blackwater Jet --

Crafting material. Must be provided for alterations.

A mineraloid formed under extreme pressure beneath Boleausun Bayou, blackwater jet distinguishes itself from more common jet varieties by refusing to develop even a hint of luster no matter how finely polished. Although many jewelers find the monotonous material unremarkable to a fault, there are those who prize its deep umbral appearance for a variety of applications. This includes unconfirmed rumors that blackwater jet is particularly suited to holding enchantments.

-- Bogbirch --

Must be provided for alterations.

More specifically known as Ilithian black bogbirch, these deciduous trees only grow around Boleausun Bayou, where they gradually integrate the swamp's inky coloration over their lifetime. Unfortunately, the dearth of bayou locations with suitable soil drainage contributes to their scarcity, and even when successfully located, the trees' naturally slender stature makes larger pieces of lumber difficult to come by. The wood is a pallid ecru and fine-grained, often exhibiting ripple figuring, with dark grey and black streaks throughout that resemble washes of diluting ink.

-- Elothean Basil --

With deep sapphire leaves and a spicy anise-like flavor, Elothean basil is cultivated throughout Kermoria for both decorative and culinary purposes. It also makes a decent dyestuff if properly processed, though this practice is far less common.

-- Jadeleaf Moss --

Native to moist, frigid environs like the Dragonspine Mountains, jadeleaf moss exhibits a plush velvety texture and striking blue-green coloration. As it dries, it becomes a crumbly celadon substance suitable for grinding into dyestuffs, but if properly treated, sheets of densely interlocked jadeleaf moss can be processed and tailored as a textile similar to stiff wool.

-- Jadeleaf Cloth --

Must be provided for alterations.

Derived from moss of the same name, jadeleaf cloth has a weight and texture similar to stiff, heavy wool. To produce it, jadeleaf moss is carefully harvested in sheets and put through a recondite treatment process that prevents it from drying out, resulting in a durable and insulating textile with a whimsically rustic appearance. Jadeleaf cloth ranges in color from deep emerald to medium blue-green, and it generally cannot be dyed.

-- Morgawr Leather and Bone --

Quest-exclusive crafting materials. Must be provided for alterations.

With thousands of scales and hundreds of teeth, the colossal morgawr has plenty of both to spare. Its scales are roughly the size of a Halfling's armspan, greenish-black in appearance, and can be tanned into a particularly durable leather. Its teeth are almost never recovered unstained, but their impressive size makes them suitable for large carving projects where discoloration isn't a concern. Morgawr fangs are especially rare, coveted for both their enormity and hardness.

-- Vengeance Ruby --

Must be provided for alterations.

A vivid blood-red gemstone, this striking ruby exhibits veined purple inclusions reminiscent of the coloration of nightshade blossoms, certain dart frogs, and other toxic wildlife.

>Finivire, Crystal-bone, Haledroth, Fulginode, Swamp Cypress
We don't have official descriptions for these! Would you like to design one?

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