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Damage Modifying Abilities and You · on 01/20/2010 07:10 PM CST 306
I've just rolled in a change to Platinum that modifies the way damage reducing or enhancing effects work. This should be largely transparent, with the notable exception that multiple effects will now stack.

No longer will MaF invalidate Naming of Tears, but also no longer will berserk Stone make you effectively immune to Heighten Pain. Etc. etc.

Assuming nothing explodes, I'll move the changes into Prime a few days later, and TF a few days after that.

For anyone interested in number crunching, I want to take a moment to briefly explain how the new system works, as it is somewhat more systematic than before.

There are now 4 types of damage modifications that can take place.
1. Flat increase.
2. Percentage increase.
3. Percentage decrease.
4. Flat decrease.

Previously, only one damage modification would occur, total. One of the problems with stacking them was identifying which types they were and applying them in the correct order. All damage modifying abilities have been updated to use one or more of the above categories.

The 4 types will reduce damage in the order they are listed above. Percentage modifications will all be taken from the same base amount, and then they will be pooled. At this point, a cap on percentage modification will be applied, based on the total pooled modifications. Then a flat reduction will be removed.

Example using completely made up numbers:

Incoming damage 100
Target has Naming of Tears, MaF, Heighten Pain, and Berserk Stone up (it could happen!)

1. flat increase (no change)
2. Heighten Pain adds say 15%, so +15
3. Naming of Tears reduces by say 10%, so -10
4. MaF reduces for 20%, so -20
5. These are pooled, for a net change of -15
6. -15 is 15% of the total damage, so well within caps
5. Berserk Stone takes off a flat amount, let's say 10.

Final damage, 75.

I'm not going to divulge the caps at the moment, but the total % reduction (or increase) achievable now is greater than the max for one spell before. Additionally, flat reduction abilities will still allow you to totally reduce incoming damage to 0.

One exception to the "no obvious change" comment is MaF. MaF (slightly) exceeded our newly imposed individual percentage reduction cap, so I took the opportunity of the new mechanics to change the purpose of the spell more towards what I originally had in mind. MaF has become even more ablative than it previously was - the percent reduction has been reduced substantially, but the flat reduction has been increased. This means that it will more frequently be able to reduce incoming damage to 0, but it is slightly less potent against powerful blows than it was before.

GM Lohkrian

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