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Re: Cyclic Exp · on 12/13/2013 03:00 PM CST 115
>>In magic, though, I'm trying to use specific spells to get specific effects. If my Basic evasion booster stops teaching I can't go cast an Esoteric evasion booster instead.

Agreed. That is kind of obnoxious.

>>targeted magic and Debil

These don't need to be cast at your personal cap really - These are explicitly about the effect (you want to take out your challenging target). More mana is a bonus, but it's not as important.

>>My ability to move multiple Magic skills AND weapons (multiple)

I think it's a mistake to think that there's a goal to optimize the ability to learn as many things as possible in combat.

>>The 3.1 concept does not work well for anything but TM bases spells

The 3.0 model was actually broken in incredible ways. The higher your skills were, the easier it was to lock off of a lower cast.

One important question that comes down is, what is the purpose of experience or training in DR? What does it MEAN to train in DR? The core concept of the game is that you get better at a specific skill by doing things that are challenging to that skill. I think we can all agree that casting the same intro-level evasion booster while you're well into the upper hundreds of skill doesn't really fit that bill at all.

The counterpoint is that folks want the game to be easier to play. I'll submit my view that making a game fun and making a game easy aren't the same thing.

Then, there's the whole 'grind' issue. As noted above, I totally agree that the grind sucks. The ideal scenario is that you are rewarded well for doing the things you would do as an adventurer. Right now, you have to do those things over and over again to get effective training. Combat, interestingly enough, follows the ideal model to a large degree - Ignoring the fact that monsters spawn infinitely, your goal is to kill the monster (conceivably for loot or RP reasons), and you get rewarded handsomely for it.

For magic, that's not as true. This could either be a deficiency of the model OR a deficiency in the availability or continuity of spells. For instance, a spell tree where an introductory evasion buff led to an evasion+reflex buff, which led to an evasion/parry/reflex buff, which led to an evasion/parry/reflex buff that has some manner of warding component - That could be a more applicablespell tree to combining functionality with training.

It's possible that, with the new skills, spells and spell trees need additional revision - We'll probably at least review them sometime soon. However, what exists today is absolutely workable through 1200 ranks. Yes, you might burn a few spell slots on a spell that trains but isn't what you want, and we all agree that that's not desirable. Having a more robust spell list where you're flush with spells to train with for all ranges is a great goal, but what we have today isn't that bad.

>>Magic 3.1 = needs more work as it was not considered well across the board and the implicatons of turing "OFF" exp on spells based on tier vs ranks.

I think there's a conflation here between 'was not well considered' and "you don't like it". Just like you can grow out of certain creatures to hunt, you can grow out of certain spells to cast. That DOES currently imply that you might cast a spell that you don't learn from because of its benefits - Just like you have to swim across Archer's Ford to get to zombie togballers even though it doesn't teach you any swimming anymore. Spells that you learn nothing from still have utility for you, and that's fine.

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