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Magic 3.1 refers to a series of bug fixes and updates to Combat 3.0 that were announced by GM Kodius on 12/8/2013 as part of the DragonRealms 3.1 updates.

To maximize learned, please read Post:Optimizing Your Combat Experience - 12/13/2013 - 16:15.


  • Balance loss from being stunned is more random.
  • Immobilized enemies have their balance set to "solidly" if it was higher.
  • Creatures are prevented from boosting their attack above 100%, from such things as balance and position, or attack move.
  • Barbarian and Paladin parrying of ranged weapons has been removed.
  • Defensive penalties due to attacks such as DRAW have been reduced.
  • If parry cannot be applied to an attack, then all stance points in parry will automatically be switched to shield for that attack. Any excess points past 100 shield will be allocated to evasion. This will counteract ranged attacks when training parry, for example. The reverse should also occur against attacks that can be parried but not blocked.
  • Even more powerful creatures have been added to the Wicked Burrow Mine, for testing beyond cabalist level.


Maneuvers are several new commands that take a certain amount of time to "charge up" in between the command being typed and the action is executed. The maneuver will fail if you are in RT, disabled, or out of range when it triggers.

There is a small chance that the melee maneuver may trigger for offhand as well, but it is low.

Activated via the MANEUVER command. MANEUVER CHARGE will select the appropriate charged maneuver for the weapon you are using (Maneuver Charge is currently not implemented).


  • MANEUVER POWERSHOT: Bows, Slings, Crossbows, Slingbows. Incredibly accurate, moderate damage bonus. Does not take AIM into account, and cannot be used with any special maneuvers (poach, snipe, etc). Enhanced damage.
  • MANEUVER DOUBLESHOT: This maneuver has been disabled. It's future is uncertain.
  • HURL: Incredibly damaging maneuver for thrown weapons with a guaranteed chance to lodge for all types of weapons (even blunts).
  • LOB: Lightly damaging, fast attack for thrown weapons that has 0% chance to lodge with all types of weapons.


  • MANEUVER CLEAVE: Swords. Moderate damage bonus. About 3x the damage of DRAW, with an OF bonus.
  • MANEUVER RUSH: Swords. Moderate damage bonus. About 3x the damage of DRAW, with an OF bonus. (Note this is the same as CLEAVE but is not on the same timer)
  • MANEUVER CRASH: Blunts. Great damage bonus.
  • MANEUVER IMPALE: Polearms. Exceptional damage bonus, ?ignores armor?.
  • MANEUVER TWIRL: Staves. Exceptional damage bonus.
  • MANEUVER PALMSTRIKE: Unarmed. Incredible accurate, moderate damage bonus, shorter cooldown.
  • MANEUVER SUPLEX: Grappling. Incredibly accurate, great damage bonus, knocks enemy over.
  • MANEUVER DOUBLESTRIKE: Dual Wielding. Moderately accurate, great damage bonus, 2 attacks.
  • MANEUVER TENDONSLICE: This maneuver had been disabled for now.


  • Problems properly balancing magical and physical barriers are known about, but will not be part of 3.1 changes.
  • Stealth combat is currently a problem, but will not be part of 3.1 changes.

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