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Re: Conclave Thanks · on 05/18/2014 10:49 AM CDT 844
Oh - a minor lore note on the relative power of shadow creatures since there's some forced retconning going on as they're redone for the modern era (They're generally getting tougher across the board):

Tenebraelings are still the lowest of the low. The frenzied ones (as seen last night) are an exception, they use a flex mechanic to make them an actual threat when buddying around with their friend the Colossus.

Void spawns are next. I'll likely phase out the uber high level ones as a Moongate thing (I don't think that mechanic is even working right now...). Having them occupy two threat tiers like that is weird.

Eviscerators and Umbramagi are next - they may end up with a slight level gap between them that doesn't exist now.

Umbra Colossus is a large step up from there (As you may have noticed). This is also the first time, in the lore, that one has been encountered.

Shadow Masters? They're going to be way worse. Fair warning.


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