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Re: Bow Rewrite · on 01/13/2015 10:14 PM CST 1413
>>I am a little curious though. So far from your notes, it seems like bows are about to become a heavily strength based weapon, for most of it's positive effects. Is this the way it is or going to be? I guess I always viewed shooting as more of a dexterous type feat, which you could say is compensated through skill. However, as far as attributes, I guess I always assumed agility would play a decent part. It did for the longest time when it was part of the AIM bonus. But that's been removed thus far, from what I am aware of. So what kind of role does the stat play now, if any?

IRL bows do require strength to use. It is crossbows that take the strength component out of the picture. But I think you are reading into the changes too much.

Suitability is just a good stat to use for communicating the bow damage multiplier. Low suitability means low damage. High suitability means high damage.

Stats will continue to play the roles they always have. Strength primarily increases the minimum damage, and to a lesser extent increases the damage cap. Agility will modify OF which primarily affects to-hit, and to a lesser degree effects damage.

Having to add an entirely new bow property would add in an unreasonable delay. I've considered keeping suitability and adding something else... but we already have so many stats. One more just seems like it'd be overwhelming.

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