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Bombing of the Empath's Guild last night · on 01/29/2012 01:31 PM CST 1377
Not as good as the log of Sejaro, I was still loafing around Temple triage post-invasion and missed that one.

The vision before invasion:
Smoke obscures everything for a few moments before it thins out enough to see clearly. You stand in a busy tavern away from others in a darkened corner. The muffled sounds of cheerful tavern-goers fill your ears, as if they are in another room or at a distance. Everything around you seems quite large, especially the very tall, black-skinned Gor'Tog standing before you.

Looking down upon you, the hulking figure says, "Greetings, little one. Have you what I require?" As he crouches to your level, you see he is dressed in an exquisite waistcoat with tails and a pair of snow-white gloves. The voice that replies is not your own; in a quiet, feminine whisper you hear "Of course I have. I always complete my mission, sir."

The Gor'Tog gentleman smiles as you continue, "I have done as you have paid me to do. Here is a list of all the places I have seen the Empaths gather and the number of guards at Ulf'hara Keep. Oh, and I found out one more thing: he has been moved. A few days ago, the General escorted the children away, but I know not where."

A grim look comes over the Gor'Tog's face, fear mixed with hesitation. Nodding slowly, he says, "Very well, I have more tasks for you. Take these and distribute them where you see fit. You have seen where they will be most effective." Passing you a pair of bulbous bronze flasks he adds, "My mistress will not be pleased." He takes the parchment you have offered and presents you with a stiff bow. Turning away from you, he vanishes into the crowded tavern.

The smoke again swirls around you, becoming so thick that it blocks all vision. The haze dissipates, and you find yourself returned to your original surroundings.

The actual event:
You catch movement out of the corner of your eye that draws your attention to a tiny figure that can be seen partly emerged from the shadows near the door. As you spot them, they toss a curiously shaped bronze flask and bolt out of the area.
A bronze flask tumbles through the air in a high lazy arc, flipping end over end several times before bouncing on the ground and coming to a rest at your feet!
The bronze flask disappears in an explosion of alarming intensity, showering you with scalding blood, ichor and brass shrapnel.
Messer bows his head and chants a prayer.
Journeywoman Empath Erognis just arrived.
Messer seems to be concentrating intently on something.
Erognis falls to her knees coughing.
Ruqrios falls to his knees coughing.
Maleus falls to his knees coughing.
Noopin falls to his knees coughing.
Deeter falls to his knees coughing.
Prepesone falls to his knees coughing.
Kuyizo falls to his knees coughing.
A vaporous blood wraith just arrived!

Also got me, was a long-ish stun, not sure if it inflicted wounds/vitality damage. The kneeling and stun killed at least one or two people when they couldn't do anything about the invasion critters snacking on them.

I'll admit, when I first got the vision I was afraid it was going to be more of a firebombing such as Zirof and Raco did some years back (I actually saw them in action plant the bomb and managed to not be present when the bomb killed everyone in the Guild as I was in the tunnels trying to figure out where they went).

Kaeta Airtag
War Healer of Elanthia

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