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Bardic Confound: Naga? · on 06/22/2015 21:02 2081
>>Oh good! So . . . what are the Naga?

Darn good question. When I first started work on the Bard guild years ago that was one of the bullet points I had. If that's still the answer we're going with is another question.

Essentially they're a weird piece of lore from the Rigby era of development that was never really explained or documented in any meaningful way (At least not that has survived to current day).

>>Would be interested if Bards got their own Elemental Plane that frustrated Warrior Mages since they can't access it.

Sound is not an element. Bards experience the elements in a fundamentally different way then Warrior Mages, however they do dabble a bit in more direct invocations. (In fact, there's an entire spellbook for that!)

>>Mundane Music

While there is certainly a musical and/or lyrical aspect of the Bardic confound (In as much as we've defined it), I wouldn't call it mundane. There's something different about a Bard's music vs anyone else's. And that's almost certainly tied to the final form Bardic Lore will find itself in.

>>Bards seem to be super into aether as an element moreso than Warrior Mages if I had to pin them to any particular planar thing

While Warrior Mages access elements roughly equally, Bards are decidedly skewed. In rough order of easiest to hardest for a Bard to manipulate:



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