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Re: Aspects of the All God · on 06/28/2017 07:05 AM CDT 2416
Two things come to mind.

1) Unless my memory is betraying me, the original Kaldar/Gnome migration to the provinces was spurred by fleeing religious persecution in their desire to worship the 13. They and their descendants then don't really have a call to cultural ownership of the Alaudian gods but instead a unique flavor of Immortals worship -- which is exactly what's been written and discussed at length in previous years.

2) Not every divine being is built equally. The Alaudian gods are, for reasons implied but not explicated, not in the favor business. This certainly can lead to a crisis of faith in a people who've become used to proactive interference and gratification in their deities. But that's not bad, that's not a fault; that's an element of the story being told.


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