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Re: An interesting turn of events · on 06/11/2012 02:45 PM CDT 1090
The points about the nature of the Risssn government have already been made for me so I will not revisit them.

The facts are and have been stated more than once are as follows. The islanders coming to Therengia are there to break the law. No one is picking on poor innocents who have done nothing to merit it. So why would the Rissan government care how necromancers and criminals are treated there? Therengians who go to the islands to hunt on the other hand, are there as law abiding visitors helping to reduce the vicious critter population and contribute to the economy with coin exchange and sales of pelts and gems. So why would the Rissan government allow them to be harrassed there?

The two governments have not been at odds before and really there is nothing going on that would cause it now. Any small issues like deporting criminals to Poke beach could be resolved diplomatically with out armies marching tomorrow.

And again please remember mutual respect in future posts on this topic.

GM Quarel Veryan - Events Team/P-2 Events.

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