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Re: Alchemy Discussion · on 05/27/2013 08:25 PM CDT 3661
>>Kodius, I hope you know that right now you can just crush the jadice flower and it becomes powder without drying it

The Alchemy Remedy system requires a rewrite of all the herb substances, how they are made and what they turn into. It isn't a complete substance rewrite because we have many substances used for poisons and fireworks and many other things I am not even aware of yet.

But, for things like the herbs my Alchemy release will be changing them into a new set of Plant materials that are interacted with and used differently. What they used to do won't matter in the new system.

"Special" pyramids will likely have to be converted by me one at a time. There isn't any useful way for me to identify them in the auto-conversion process. When we go live I'll have instructions for assisting to get these cases resolved.

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