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Re: Aiming Defense Penalty · on 4/2/2011 1:18:05 PM 6118
> No, there is an additional defense penalty from a loaded bow. Someone else just posted about running some tests there. Appears to be due to it being loaded, not due to aiming.

The only defense affected by a loaded missile weapon is shield. A loaded missile weapon will negate the ability to use a shield.

Because of the nature of loaded weapons, they can prevent parry from being possible as well unless you have one of the few items that can be used to parry while holding a loaded missile.

Aim no longer has any impact on defenses.

The first two details are the most likely reason people with loaded weapons are getting hurt more. Also keep in mind that even though you may be holding a loaded weapon, you may still be under a "last attack" penalty, a fact many people tend to overlook when using missiles or spells. Even last attacks like DODGE or PARRY carry defense penalties, so being in parry position while holding a loaded missile could potentially be self-defeating.

This message was originally posted in Combat - Weapons and Armor (11) \ Bows and Arrows - Death By Air (24), by DR-DARTENIAN on the forums.