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Age Messaging & AGE · on 6/18/2010 5:26:47 PM 3117
A change in how age messaging is applied is now live in Prime and Platinum. We'll go over this in three parts.


Age messaging has been updated to be correct with the numbers listed on the DR website. For many races this is a minor change, but Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes may see a substantial change in their visible age range. Please see the "Racial Age Messaging" posts in the Races category for specific details about your race's life cycle.

In addition, age modification now relies on a new system that applies it as a modifier to your visible age rather than directly changing your character's birthday. What does this mean to you?

1) INFO and any system that cares about or wishes to display your character's real age and date of birth are no longer affected by age modification.
2) However, it will still apply as it always has to LOOK, and will be quantifiable in the new verb AGE. Speaking of...

2: AGE

A new verb, AGE, has been released. By itself, it will show you your current age, your visible age after modification (if applicable), your visible age to other races (ditto), and what life cycle your character is using.

AGE CYCLE will, coincidentally, allow you to choose between two life cycles: the normal progression of your race, and the Empathic Longevity life cycle. Empathic Longevity increases your race's lifespan by 100 years, slowing down aging at some point around the character's prime. Once again, please pursue the Races category for specifics.

You can only freely choose between life cycles once per calender year. This is meant to be a permanent choice about your character's metabolism, but you are given the chance to change your mind on occasion.

AGE INFO is a long help file which discusses the game mechanical affects of age, how the various races age in Elanthia, and briefly discusses magical longevity and immortality in the setting.


The Empath SHIFT AGE ability has been rewritten in light of these changes. Most of what we've talked about applies, with a few bits specific to age shifting we still need to cover.

1) You can no longer shift by DAY or MONTH, only by YEAR. However, YEAR is now considerably easier than it was before (about what MONTH used to be).

2) An approximate value of your old age shifts will be applied in the new system. If you were shifted by a value less than a year, you will be granted 1 year of visible difference in the appropriate direction. If your shifted age is greater than a year, you will be granted each whole year of age shifting (so a PC who's been shifted 4 years and 7 months will be granted 4 years).

Once again, this is live in Prime and Platinum only. Fallen will follow in a few days.

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