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Re: Aevenstone SO Hit · on 06/29/2014 11:28 AM CDT 4910
SO really can last a long time, depending on how serious the hit is and if you do anything else that increases your SO in the meantime. What you did created a pretty big hit, because it really is equivalent to wearing a giant rainbow sign screaming that you're a necromancer. Going into the vaults and getting arrested absolutely prolongs the problem.

Check out HELP OUTRAGE 1 and HELP OUTRAGE 2 in game. While a bit of the newest information is not integrated into the HELP files just yet, these cover almost everything still and will help you figure out what else, if anything, you might be doing that is making your SO last longer.

>> I've been removing and wearing my SO reducing gear once a day and staying out of town generally.

I do want to mention that removing and wearing these once per day won't speed up your SO drain. That is not what these items do. They provide only a temporary reduction. Think of them as dampening the effects of your current SO levels while they are working.

My best advice on how to reduce your SO to workable levels again is to stay entirely out of justice zones for several RL days, then sneak up into the edge of one, use the JUSTICE command to check what the locals think of you (or engage in one of the other ways like Zerreck mentioned) -- and then head back out of justice zones and repeat until you see that you are no longer scaring the general populace.


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