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A whole bunch of information · on 04/10/2012 03:42 PM CDT 2823
Hey guys -

Here's a dump of a bunch of information y'all need to know. I'm too lazy to put it all into a bunch of different posts, and then monitor a bunch of different threads.

Soft Reqs

Here are the skills (per-guild) that are restricted from fulfilling Nth Requirements per-guild

All Guilds
Melee Mastery
Missile Mastery
Primary Magic
Barbarian Bard Cleric Empath Moon Mage Necromancer Paladin Ranger Thief Trader Warrior Mage
Expertise Tactics Thievery Thievery Scholarship Thanatology Thievery Sorcery Trading Thievery
Attunement Performing Theurgy First Aid Astrology Endurance Appraisal Summoning
Arcana Bardic Lore Sorcery Empathy Thievery Sorcery Sorcery Sorcery
Targeted Magic Scholarship
Sorcery Sorcery

Magic Grandfathering

I've been rolling this idea around for a while, but the way magic grandfathering is going to work has been figured out.

First, each guild will have an ordering decided up for their skills. I'm going to use War Mages as an example. Their order may be:

1. Augmentation 2. Warding 3. Debilitation 4. Utility

Your ranks will be grandfathered at 90%, 80%, 75%, 70% of your Primary Magic in the order decided for your guild. These numbers are still up for tweaking.

THEN, until you gain a rank in one of these skills, you can swap them around up to 10 times. This way, you can specify the ordering that YOU want, even if your guild ordering didn't fall out that way. Once you've been disabled from swapping, that's it, you're done. This will be made aggressively clear when you have 3 swaps left as well, because that is the minimum needed to choose where your skills go.

It is possible, but not guaranteed, that we will offer a way to say "Instead of using those numbers, use something like 80%, 79%, 78%, 77%" to keep your skills in relative evenness. They won't be perfectly even but you'd get much closer to it that way.

This approach seems to satisfy most of the requests people have without forcing them into a place where they HAVE to make choices. Sound good?

Derived Skills

Here are the up-to-date formulas on derived skills:

Skill Formula
Defending Average of the top two of: Shield, Parry, Evasion, MO
Melee Mastery Average of your top two hand to hand weapons
Missile Mastery Average of your top two missile weapons
Tactics (MO + Scholarship + Scholarship + Brawling) / 4
Sorcery 0 ranks
Crafting 0 ranks (but you can split mech as noted before)

Special Combinations

Skills that don't follow the regular combination rules:

Stealth will be one of these things:
1) Hiding skill (if stalking < hiding)
2) Stalking skill (if stalking is less than hiding 130%)
3) Hiding 130% (if stalking is more than hiding130%)

Whichever is higher. If 3) is chosen, your hiding skill and the stalking ranks above hiding130% will both be drained into your Survival bonus pool.

Vocals for all guilds except Bards will be absorbed straight into the lore bonus pool.

For bards, Performing will be calculated as:
1) Highest non-vocals skill (HNV) (if Vocals is less than HNV)
2) Vocals skill (if Vocals is less than HNV130%)
3) HNV130% (if Vocals is higher than HNV130%)

Whichever is higher. Same idea as Stealth here.

I think that answers the last of the open questions we have for Skills stuff. Did I miss anything?

This message was originally posted in Abilities, Skills and Magic \ The Experience System, by DR-SOCHARIS on the forums.


Tactics is not restricted for Bards.
Barbarians have Utility restricted.
Clerics have Shield Usage as restricted.
Paladins have Evasion as restricted.

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