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A page to detail the changes which Empaths will be undergoing in DragonRealms 3.0.

Empathic Shock

Shock has changed significantly. It is now more granular, and there are more ways to get rid of it.

Shock now inhibits your ability to cast spells and use abilities effectively. Some spells will still be uncastable while shocked.

The Shock Quest is now a way for empaths to reduce shock.

Intent is intended to be removed from shock. If damage is done, even accidental, it will cause some level of shock.


Empathy no longer works on Necromancers with high Divine Outrage (neither do auto-empaths).

(TEST ONLY) Dials that can be used to add, set, or remove shock can be found in the Crossing Empath guild, sold for 1 kronar on the table.

Empath Spells

See Empath Spells 3.0.

  • Guardian Spirit has been expanded and given more options.

Circle Requirements

Scholarship, Empathy and First Aid are hard reqs.
Outdoorsmanship is a soft req.
Sorcery and Thievery are restricted skills.

1st Magic3344513
2nd Magic2334513
3rd Magic2334410
4th Magic0233410
5th Magic0033410
1st Survival1223410
2nd Survival1223410
3rd survival112338
4th survival111225
5th Survival111225
First Aid2333410
1st Lore3344513
2nd Lore2334410
3rd Lore2233410

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