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Re: AFK scripting question! · on 02/06/2013 10:34 PM CST 959
>I don't care what a GM post says, this is not against policy.

Actually, it is. Any benefit to your character while AFK is against policy, whether you're gaining experience or not. Some examples off the top of my head:

 - Hunting in SLEEP mode and not learning anything but gaining coins/treasure for yourself or another character
 - Selling bundles but not gaining EXP (a bot character)
 - Receiving healing at an auto empath
 - Tending bleeders (on yourself OR on someone else!)
 - Sitting in a trader shop to keep it open (whether there are sales or not)

This is policy. If you are caught doing one of these things, you will receive the appropriate penalty. Warnings have been issued for each example I've listed during my tenure as a GM.

Traveling from one point to another while AFK is not considered against policy, BUT if you gain any experience in your travels, that is a different story. Swimming, climbing, sneaking, running trails, prepping and casting a moongate, traveling the ways.. any of these factors may change that distinction.

Essentially, if you're going to be AFK then your best bet is to log out of the game. If you stay logged in, then you (ideally) should be behind a locked door -- because if you aren't, there's a chance you could passively gain experience/benefits, regardless of the precautionary measures you take.

~ SGM Lyneya

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