Porly's Emporlyum (1)

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Porly's Emporlyum
Event Hollow Eve Festival 396
Owner Porly
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Trinket shops, Weapon shops, Armor shops, Clothing shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Porly's Emporlyum, Insider Da Spider]
Interesting objects abound in the boxes, crates and barrels that lie scattered around the corners of the store. A dark black sign crudely fashioned into the shape of a spider hangs on the far wall. You also see a grumpy Shadow Servant, a rickety table with some stuff on it, a sandalwood case full of eel skins, a carved teak bin with a small card on it, an overturned wooden crate made from splintered and notched boards with some stuff on it, an ironwood pole with some stuff on it and a round manhole.
Obvious exits: none.

A dark black spider-shaped sign reads:

     PorLy's SPIDUR EmPorLyum
    Gud Stuff for Gud Custumerz
On the rickety table
Item Price Done
top shaped like a Shadow Servant regurgitating a fountain of detritus and esoterica toward the heavens 3,833   No
top carved like a wobbly-legged Bard with its head stuck in a keg marked XXX 3,833   
top carved into the form of a baffled looking Ranger caught mid-stride 3,833   
six-armed berserking Barbarian top bristling with little tiny weapons 3,608   
tawny grey top carved to look like a dizzy gerbil with little swirls for eyes 2,706   !!
pale white top shaped like a googly-eyed monkey skull 1,127   
In the sandalwood case
Item Price Done
length of eel skin 902   
In the teak bin
Item Price Done
A small card reads:
"~ The sticks in this bin have been made with a special purpose in mind; to keep the order intact for groups large and small. As is customary, whoever holds the stick may speak, and in respect all others are silent. The stick is passed from orator to orator, and allows everyone their time and voice. These have all been crafted with utmost care and style to be tasteful, powerful, and easily seen so that they may serve their purpose well. ~"
ironwood talking stick wrapped with three silver bands 7,216   
silverbark talking stick with a spiked silver end-cap 16,236   
fine deobar talking stick with small flying birds burned into the surface 8,118   
burnished mahogany talking stick wrapped around the middle with rawhide cord 9,020   No
talking stick made from a single twisted limb of thick oak 9,020   
talking stick carved to resemble a cobra with fang-baring jaws agape 10,824   
solid oak talking stick with a gold inlaid spiral design that goes from end to end 22,550   
solid oak talking stick with a silver inlaid spiral design from end to end 19,844   No
On the wooden crate
Item Price Done
A small sign reads:
bright orange cloak 36   !!!!
chain cowl with an orange leather label sewn onto the back 2,706   !!!!
orange-striped shortstaff 90   !!
matte black rapier with a small orange label on the handle 6,314   !!!!
jousting plate with a bright orange X across the breastplate 241,871   No
large club wrapped with several inches of fluffy cotton batting 45   !!!!
bright orange scimitar 189   !!!!
orange-striped tower shield with bold black lettering 360   !!
broad-headed bronze spear 12,055   !!!!
wooden sparring sword 1,353   
broadsword with bright orange paint applied along the edge of the blade 8,870   
orange-bladed dagger 1,693   !!!!
sling 22   !!!!
On the ironwood pole
Item Price Done
deep blue macaw-feather boa 45,100   No
bright green macaw-feather boa 45,100   No
glossy black raven-feather boa 45,100   No
dull black shrike-feather boa 45,100   No
multi-colored boobrie-feather boa 45,100   No
sombre grey vulture-feather boa 45,100   No
rich brown hawk-feather boa 45,100   No
snow white goose-feather boa 45,100   No
crimson peacock-feather boa 45,100   No
greyish-white gull-feather boa 45,100   No
singed sun vulture-feather boa 45,100   No